Tap These 2 Grounding Rituals for an Instant Relaxation Boost

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With a busy job accounting for half your waking hours and evening errands filling your plate (ahem, weeknight meal prep), making time to de-stress with a leisurely yoga class or after-dinner walk around the block just isn't always in the cards.

That's where small everyday rituals come in. On May 5, we teamed up with OG Korean-beauty brand Sulwhasoo—the herbal skin-care powerhouse—to show how a simple meditation and skin-care routine is the ultimate stress-killing combo.

Arriving at Inscape, one of New York City's most peaceful hideaways, 75 Well+Good readers left concerns at the door and smartphones in lockers with the goal to seriously chill out. On the roster: a guided meditation in the multi-sensory dome, adaptogenic beverage bar, and insightful talk about restoring balance from the inside out.

Scroll down for two easy ways to recenter after a *long* dayplus a rundown of the insanely soothing festivities.


The blissful vibes were high as wellness devotees arrived Saturday morning. Before entering the quiet space, attendees were given calming essential oils and asked to set intentions.


During the seated session, readers were guided through gentle movements (like neck stretches), breathing exercises, and a simple meditation technique they can employ anywhere.

Rebbl drinks

Meditators emerged with relaxed shoulders and clear minds. For further nourishment, REBBL elixirs infused with restorative herbs like ashwagandha, reishi, and maca were on hand.

Next, herbalist Rachelle Robinett talked through the herbs that should be on your beauty radar: ginseng, peonies, Solomon's seal, and blue lotus, which "has been used throughout the years for skin purification and shrinking the pores."

Laura Chen, marketing manager of Sulwhasoo, took the stage to relay the dual importance of a skin-care routine. “Balance is so important not just to our daily lives but to our skin,” she said. “In life, if you cannot find balance, you cannot appreciate anything else that comes at you. In skin care, the same principle applies.”

A balancing serum like Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum EX nourishes skin and preps it for treatments thereafter. “When you apply this product, you create an equilibrium for your skin so everything you apply after it works better,” Chen explained.

The serum application doubles as a calming practice. “Warm it up in your palms, then cup it in front of your nose so you can breathe the scent in," Chen directed. "Then tap it onto your face. This not only balances skin, but it kind of brings you to a calmer place.”

Wrapping up, readers left with tote bags full of Sulwhasoo swag, including a sample bottle of First Care Activating Serum EX, and new insight on *exactly* how to handle the stress of Monday-to-Sunday challenges. The answer: Lots of deep breaths and DIY spa time.

In partnership with Sulwhasoo

Photos: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

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