These 2 Cult-Fave Beauty Duos Cut My Entire Skin-Care Routine In Half

Last year, amidst all the stress-baking and Zooming, I decided to put all my energy toward creating the ultimate skin-care routine. I picked out a cleanser I'd seen on TikTok (because what's more 2020 than that?) and a moisturizer to match, then added a couple serums, a retinol, and an eye cream. Plus, I tried out face shaving and strategic facial massage, and sprinkled in a few chemical peels and face masks to my rotation.

I basked in my newfound love for all things skin care for a few weeks—and then I got sick of it. My hour-long routine had quickly turned from a self-care escape to time-consuming drag, and my army of products slowly marched their way to the back of my shelf.

And while it's not like I completely quit washing my face, my routine since then could best be described as sporadic—making me feel stressed and guilty for not taking care of my skin (which is the last thing I want after a year like the last).

But just before the new year, I officially got the best news ever from board-certified dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, MD, FAAD: A simplified skin-care routine can be great for your skin. (Side note: Our beauty editors totally called this in our 2021 Wellness Trends, too.)

The one caveat? The products you choose for your simplified skin-care regimen really have to carry their weight. So armed with my newfound validation that basic really can be better, I made a beeline for a few Malin+Goetz cult faves that do a whole lot more than one job each.

Keep scrolling for the two skin-care duos that are simplifying my face and body routine.

simplified skin-care

1. The Face Duo

Yes, we all love a good shelfie, but you don't have to use an entire medicine cabinet full of products on your face. According to Dr. Nazarian, your simplified skin-care routine needs to include these two things: a gentle cleanser and antioxidants.

I tried the Malin+Goetz Grapefruit Face Cleanser, which uses grapefruit extract and coconut to cleanse, while amino acids and glycerin—the "ultimate moisture shield," according to Dr. Nazarian—moisturize and hydrate. Bonus: The grapefruit smell is as close as I'm getting to a tropical vacay anytime soon.

To get my antioxidants, I used Malin+Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, which has the must-have ingredient built in. According to Dr. Nazarian, vitamin E is "a great antioxidant for neutralizing free-radical damage and fighting off daily skin stressors like environmental aggressors." Oh yeah, and it's good for moisturizing and has anti-inflammatory benefits, she says.

"It’s much easier to be committed to a skin-care regimen that’s simple," Dr. Nazarian says. "Skin care can be simple, smart, and evolved, so every step is really a multi-tasking action that targets several skin-enhancing pathways at the same time." When it comes to skin care, "simple" and "multi-tasking" are now the two primary adjectives I prioritize.

2. The Body Duo

And the same goes for my body. To that end, I realized I could get more out of my wash-and-lotion routine by choosing the right products. For example, Malin+Goetz Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer uses ingredients like vitamin B5 ("a very hydrating vitamin") and shea butter, which according to Dr. Nazarian, "contains numerous essential fatty acids to improve the skin barrier and enhance hydration."

Not to be outdone, the Malin+Goetz Bergamot Hand+Body Wash cleanses and moisturizes your body (it goes on super smooth), while also smelling absolutely delightful, like all body washes should.

If you're sensing that hydration is a theme, that's because it is. "The goal is to have a combination of ingredients that protect and also those that repair skin," Dr. Nazarian says of both face and body care. Translation: Look for ingredients like fatty acids, glycerin, and amino acids in all your products (not just your moisturizer) to help protect your skin barrier and keep skin hydrated. Hint: The above products have that totally covered.

Now that I've got an efficient and effective skin-care routine—not to mention 2020 is *finally* behind us—I can't wait to see what I'll be able to put my energy toward this year.

Photo: Getty Images/ferrantraite

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