8 Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day if You’re Celebrating Solo

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Being single on Valentine’s Day can actually be a real pleasure. The setup allows you to decide on your own plans and dedicate your time and money towards pampering yourself. And, of course, the way you achieve such self care can totally be romantic-feeling in nature. Who says wine, chocolate, and seduction are focuses that only coupled-up folks can enjoy on V-Day? No one, that's who.

So no matter how you want to spend February 14th, there's no reason you need a partner to be able to opt in to the positive, sensual vibes the day can afford. Below find several expert-approved single on Valentine’s Day ideas for what to do.

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8 single on Valentine's Day ideas for having a romance-heavy February 14th:

1. Embrace the bath life

And pull out all the stops: Bubbles, CBD bath bombs, you know, the works. You can also infuse the bath with romantic essential oil blends. Add in a glass of wine, a book or a magazine, your favorite podcast, some candles, and even chocolate truffles, and voilà! You've transformed your bathroom into a bona fide Valentine’s Day oasis.

2. Have a spa day

Give yourself a solo massage using a great oil, like lavender. You can do manicures, pedicures, and face masks, for some additional ideas. Once you know which spa services are on your solo Valentine's Day menu, you can set the ambiance with relaxing tunes by diffusing essential oils.

“Focus on skin care and treating yourself to a spa-like experience at home, as self-care is good for overall health and reduces stress,” says licensed psychologist and sex therapist, Shannon Chavez, PsyD. Consider doing some of your sessions over Zoom with friends who are also celebrating Valentine's Day solo, so you can enjoy a sense of community, as well.

3. Show gratitude through words

“Make yourself a Valentine full of heartfelt messages and love affirmations, including appreciations and gratitude,” says Dr. Chavez. Decorate the card with hearts, flowers, or words of inspiration as a means to make yourself feel special and remind yourself of your worth.

“Self-gratitude has positive health benefits like reducing depression and improving motivation towards personal health,” Dr. Chavez says.  So, writing yourself a self-love letter can also serve as a way to set the tone for the rest of the month and onward.

4. Enjoy some sexy me-time

Self-pleasure is self care, and on Valentine's Day, you might consider taking some extra time to tend to that reality. “Self-pleasure can help you relax and improve your body awareness around feel-good sensations,” says Dr. Chavez. Try different toys or vibrational settings—you definitely don’t need a partner to feel great about feeling yourself.

5. Try a sexy photo shoot

Getting dressed up in lingerie (or just feeling great in the buff) and taking photos of yourself, for yourself can facilitate self-appreciation of your body and acknowledgement your self-worth. “This photoshoot can enhance self-esteem and confidence in a fun and creative way,” says Dr. Chavez.

6. Do a rom-com night

Thanks to various online platforms, it's never been easier to watch movies together with friends, even if you're physically apart. In honor of Valentine's Day, you can have a romantic-movie marathon with your closest pals using one of these services to help you feel connected to your from afar while in the comfort of your own home. Or, you could simply set up single-on-Valentine's-Day bingefest for yourself.

7. Take a solo trip

If you’re able to go somewhere safely during this time, book a last-minute solo trip. "A change of scene and adventure can be a great way to symbolize your independence and autonomy,” says Briony Leo, head coach and licensed psychologist at Relish.

Whether the trip is as quick as an afternoon to a beautiful hiking trail or something more extended like a longer wellness getaway, doing something that gets you moving and creates a new experience that you can remember as being just for yourself can beneficial for mental health.

8. Mingle—in a COVID-safe way, that is

In non-COVID times, Valentine’s Day is also an opportunity for single people to mingle and celebrate their unattached status out on the town,” says Leo. Obviously, this Valentine's Day won't present the opportunity to safely visit a crowded bar to meet any number of new people, but you can take to the dating apps. At the very least, you might have some fun flirting or trying out cheesy pickup lines.

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