Beyonce’s Makeup Artist on the 4 Trends You’re About to See Everywhere

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As soon as spring hits, the hues outside—pink, purple, and coral flowers, blue skies, and green trees—inspire a more vivid palette from which women pull for their makeup. But what looks like a dreamy rainbow in a makeup tin can veer on paint-by-the-numbers gone wrong once you get it on your complexion. That's why everyone can benefit from knowing the trends of the moment and exactly how to apply them.


Since I'm pretty much used to my everyday tinted moisturizer and lip balm, turning it up with a face beat this spring will take some added skills. That's precisely why I'm taking Sir John's—Beyonce'makeup artist and L'Oréal ambassador—advice. The trends he's seeing this spring? Think muted contouring (say buh-bye to Kim K-level extremes), cool hues, and—oh yeah—some unicorn action

Keep scrolling for Sir John's spring makeup trend forecast.

Cool lip shades

When it comes to color, Sir John says it's all about keeping it cool. "Think cool undertones for the lips a la pinky blues, lilac pinks, raspberry, and shades of that [come from] nature.

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Less contour

Contouring has had its moment—and it has passed, according to Sir John. "A dialing down of the contour is a trend that's happening," he says. Instead, think of a more subtle, defined glow. "It's all about the most minimalistic version of the contour, but still bringing in strobing and light highlighting for gorgeous skin." In other words, try tapping light to accentuate your features via highlighters versus shadows to accentuate them using contouring.


Just like most '90s trends (hello, scrunchies), glitter is back, baby. "Glitter's back in a major way," says Sir John. "Coachella of course helped kick this off. I'd say though that the look is more celestial than ever—it's sort of that unicorn glow." Use it in specific areas of the face, such as the lids or lips to keep it refined.

Warm eye shadows

If cool tones on lips are trending, think the opposite for eyes. "Warm eyes are also definitely having a moment," says Sir John. "Shades like terracotta and even red tones that used to be unorthodox are now very trendy and you're finding them whenever you hit the drugstore or makeup counter." He notes that they're actually flattering for all complexions and eye colors. "If you're not ready to do a full-on warm eye, you can bring a little heat into the crease and still keep the natural look," he says.

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