These Are 2018’s Big Sneaker Trends, According to the Sephora of Statement Kicks

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From high-end designers to fast-fashion lines, just about every brand's into the sneaker game now, having *finally* caught on to what wellness-savvy women have known for a while: It's totally possible to be comfortable and look put together in a pair of kicks, especially since trainers currently come in every variety from ultra-minimalist to OTT embellished.

"Women are embracing sneakers for many occasions and looks in their lives, ranging from pure performance to casual cool to everyday style," says Kirta Carroll, vice president of marketing for SIX:02, which has become a forecaster of active-footwear trends thanks to its impeccably curated online collections. Unsurprisingly, it's already scoped out what's going to be buzzy in 2018. 

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Carroll says the team looks to the streets of New York for inspiration, noting that styles spotted on a lunchtime walk will sometimes spark inspiration for their offerings. Additionally, SIX:02's buyers consult social media, travel, runway spotting, and more for ideas. "We partner with a variety of resources to validate that we’ve got the coolest of cool to share with the world," she says. 

"People want fleece with pearls embedded, sparkles everywhere, and intentional distress."

As for which trends they're currently clocking, Carroll says she's noticed an increased interest in one particular type of shoe. "We’ve been seeing a lot of sneakers in the 'just-for-fun' category catch on fire," she says. "These shoes serve no purpose other than sheer fashion joy." Think embellishments, studding, platforms, and unexpected fabrics. "People want fleece with pearls embedded, sparkles everywhere, and intentional distress on all kinds of fabric," she explains.

"For spring, we’re seeing beautiful colors pop up across brands, such as pastels [and] neutrals," she continues. "We’re also anticipating motocross/race/color block, and bold, retro-inspired looks that make a statement without apologies." As the brand carries activewear alongside its sneakers, Carroll adds that track pants and suits are also going to be bigger than ever for spring. 

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And here's some intel on the next big styles that are sure to sell out: "We’re extremely excited about a laceless Adidas Ultra Boost, the new Adidas Originals Prophere, and some new colors in the Nike Air Vapormax," she tells me. "For 2018, all I can say is make some room in your closet." By the sounds of it, you might want to make room on your Bookmarks bar, too. 

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