This No-Equipment Move Works Your Balance, Mobility, and Flexibility At the Same Time

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There are certain workout moves we know we can depend on to "do it all." For full-body strength, we turn to push-ups; meanwhile, for a heart-pumping, muscle-building multi-tasker, burpees reign supreme. And the one move that will work your mobility, stability, flexibility, and agility  (phew—that's a a lot!) all at the same time? The skater lunge.

Skater lunges are a HIIT-class staple, known for their ability to give you a good burst of cardio with no equipment and little impact. But what you may not realize is that skaters come with a quadruple threat of benefits. The move—which requires you to hop side to side, from one foot to the other, mimicking the movement a skater makes on the ice—is a "dynamic exercise," says Dorian Cervantes, CPT, and allows you to work multiple muscles at the same time while increasing your overall athletic performance.

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  • Dorian Cervantes, CPT, Dorian Cervantes is a New York-based certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with Obé.

"Skater lunges really focus on the glutes, hamstrings, and inner thighs, and because you're pushing off on one leg and trying to land on the other, it's also helping you focus on your hip and ankle mobility," says Cervantes. "There's a lot happening: You're working on agility and increasing endurance, all while stabilizing through your core so you don't fall over." Plus, the side-to-side movement helps with the flexibility and range of motion in your hips. In other words? Everything is working.

The move has established itself as a trainer favorite thanks to the fact that it's easier on your knees than a traditional jump lunge, and you can easily make it low impact by stepping from side to side instead of jumping. "Both variations are challenging," says Cervantes, and either way, you'll still be able to work your muscles and get your heart pumping.

To do a skater lunge properly, be sure to engage your core, land with soft knees, and focus your eyes on a single spot so that you don't topple. "Think about going side-to-side instead of going up and down," says Cervantes. Then, you'll be a master of this quadruple-threat move in no time.

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