3 of Our Staff Members Tested Skims’ ‘Fits Everybody’ Underwear… And We Liked Them a Whole Lot More Than We Wanted To

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I bought my first thong at a real-life shopping mall (remember those?!) when I was 12. It was pink, sparkly, and immediately removed from my room after a blowup fight with my mom. Years later, when I bought my first actual thong—that, ya know, I was allowed to wear without being grounded for two weeks—I was hooked. I loved how breezy the minimal fabric felt, and swore that I would never go back to the underwear lines and wedgies that came along with wearing full-butt undies. Then, I tried Skims.

It took me three years to get over my complicated feelings about buying underwear from Kim Kardashian (which date back to when the brand launched with its original name, "Kimono" and haven't been helped by the "extreme editing" its ads were accused of earlier this year), but after three years of watching every much-hyped launch sell out online, I had to know what all the fuss was about. And as much as I hate to admit it, I love them.

If there was ever a person who could take nude granny panties—arguably the least appealing underwear category on the market—and make them feel sexy, it's Kim K. I (along with three other members of team Well+Good) tested out Skims' Fits Everybody Full Brief ($20), which offer a lot more coverage than the dental floss-looking undies I usually opt for. They're high-waisted with a full butt that leaves a few inches of cheek exposed on either side, but somehow don't ride up or creep into my crack (TMI, but true.)

What makes this underwear so special, in my opinion, is the fabric. It's made from a combination of nylon and spandex, which pair together to create a high-performance fabric that, according to the brand, "can comfortably stretch to twice its size without losing shape." It's designed to feel like "second skin," and is so buttery-soft that it honestly feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.

The Fits Everybody line comes in a few different styles including boy shorts, thongs, and briefs in a range of rises, which means there's something for everyone. Speaking of "for everyone," I was impressed (and pleasantly surprised) at how inclusive Skims' offerings truly are. They come in a range of neutral tones that are meant to match a variety of different complexions (you can also get them in more fun colors like pink, blue, and neon green), and in a range of sizes from XXS to 4X (I'm typically a size 4/6, and take a small in the briefs.)

When I first put on my Skims granny panties, not only did I love the way they felt on my body, but they also earned me a, "damn, those look sexy" from my boyfriend. The shade is a near-perfect match to my skin tone, which means they're completely invisible under dresses. I've worn them for hours on end both during the day and to sleep in at night, and can honestly say that I've been doing my laundry a lot more often to ensure that they're always readily available. As much as I hate to admit it, they're the best underwear for women I've ever owned.

Francesca Krempa, Well+Good's associate commerce editor and another Fits Everybody test subject, shares these sentiments. "I've gotta say... they're worth the hype," she tells me. "I thought Skims were going to be overrated and just another Kardashian money grab, they're not. Truly the most comfortable panty I own, and I will be buying more with my next paycheck."

The brand has found another fan in Betty Gold, Well+Good's senior food editor. "I finally understand the Skims hype. The fabric feels incredibly soft, stretchy, breathable, and truly like a second skin," she says. "I will be living in my Skims until further notice."

Our team also put Skims' Fits Everybody Triangle Bralette ($32) to the test, which is made from the same second-skin fabric as the undies. Across the board, we agreed that while the bra is endlessly comfortable, it doesn't offer quite enough support for anyone with boobs bigger than a B Cup. Plus, it runs a bit smaller than expected—the small I sampled was a bit snug on my 32D chest—so you may want to go up a size from what you normally wear. That said, in the right size it's a great "no bra day" bra that gives you a little extra fabric between your nips and your t-shirt.

All in all, the "Fits Everybody" Line gets our overwhelming stamp of approval... even if it pains us, just a little bit, to admit it.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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