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These Resurfacing Pads Are Like a Magic Eraser for Dry, Dead Skin

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As summer simmers down, my skin is acting up in more ways than one. Perhaps it’s a change-of-season thing; or the dirty dermaplaning blade I re-used (twice), or my cat, who “digs for treasure” in her litter box, prancing across my pillow (one I definitely don’t wash enough). Whatever the cause, my skin’s topography—congested, flaking, spotted with hyperpigmentation—is eclectic. To cobble together a million pointed products (all the while hoping they play nicely together), is overwhelming. I’ve found myself wishing for a Magic Eraser I could just swipe across my skin—et voila!—start anew!

Though this is a mere fantasy (P.S.A. cleaning products are never skin-care!) I may have found the next best thing: SkinFix AHA/BHA Exfoliating Pads ($50). Like an actual Magic Eraser (or a Skura sponge!) they’re extremely versatile; plus, they essentially “erase” a spectrum of skin issues. Whiteheads? Blackheads? Flakiness? Gone, gone, gone—and there’s more. Below, the science behind the magic.

What they are

The SkinFix AHA/BHA Exfoliating Pads are individual-use disks that deliver not one, not two, but three methods of skin-sloughing. Specifically, the pads are pre-saturated in chemical exfoliants alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and beta hydroxy acid (BHA). The third exfoliating component, physical exfoliation, is delivered by way of the pad’s texture; abrasive without feeling unpleasant, it scrubs dead, dull cells from the surface. If temperamental skin has you feeling conflicted on which exfoliant to use (help! I’m oily and flaky!), rest assured—these pads cover all your bases in one fell swoop.

What they deliver

To get a bit more granular on the titular ingredients: the formula contains a blend of two types of AHA, glycolic acid and lactic acid, each of which are included at a strength of five percent. Niacinamide—a B vitamin that has the skin-care world abuzz thanks to its brightening and soothing properties, is another noteworthy ingredient you’ll find. What you won’t find? Ingredients with iffy reputations (PEGs, for instance) and fragrance, which can be a skin irritant for some. Admittedly, the lack of fragrance gives these pads more of a clinical smell than a spa-like scent. Even if this product smelled like my cat’s aforementioned “treasure trove,” though, I’d nevertheless keep it around for its “get-fresh-skin-fast” effect.

What to expect

For context, I’m used to the telltale tingles of chemical exfoliants. (When I’m not slacking over the summer, I typically use a 30 percent glycolic acid peel twice per week.) To me, the SkinFix pads have a slight “it’s working!” prickle without any semblance of burning. If you’re more sensitive and/or new to acids, however, your personal experience may differ.

They work pretty darn quickly, too. Almost instantly, my skin looks smoother and more luminous. Many Sephora reviewers echo similar sentiments—says one: “I rubbed them over a very deep pimple on my back and it completely shrunk it overnight.” Another reviewer, who uses the pads to treat hyperpigmentation on her neck and chest: “All my brown spots are gone!!!”

Personally, I’m still waiting for my own (post-inflammatory) hyperpigmentation to disappear. With time, though, I don’t doubt that these pads can help get the job done. They’ve already gone to work on my plugged pores, which have proved powerless to the pads’ oil-busting prowess. A quick few swipes prior to bed renders my plugged pores noticeably less apparent. Don’t just take my word for it, though—consider stocking up on the SkinFix AHA/BHA pads for yourself. They’re bound to come in handy.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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