Skin Glazing Is the Secret Way to Get a Healthy, Lit-From-Within Glow

Source: Stocksy/Vera Lair
Considering the litany of sculpted makeup looks on Instagram these days, you may feel compelled to pile on highlighter, bronzer, and the like. But forget all that for a second, because a new trend—called skin glazing—is all about the health of your complexion, giving you a lit-from-within glow without layers of makeup.

To achieve the skin glazed look (reminiscent of pearlescent cake icings and frostings), you layer up serums and moisturizers rather than highlighters and bronzers. For instance, Amanda Chantal Bacon, the founder of Moon Juice, who has ultra-glowy skin, likes to layer on a vitamin C serums to get the look.

It's not a huge surprise that this skin-care-as-makeup moment has arrived. After all, there have been a slew of new products devoted to warding off the harmful effects of air and light pollution, which helps to make your skin beam, along with facial essences designed to brighten otherwise dull complexions.

By using skin-care products in lieu of makeup—or rather, to function as makeup—you can truly make skin glow, says Amity Spiegel, an aesthetician at CAP Beauty. "Layering your skin-care products correctly is key," says Spiegel, who cleanses and tones her own face before using a moisturizing serum (she likes Marie Veronique Soothing B3 Serum ($90), which also has glow-enhancing licorice root extract, too).

By using skin-care products in lieu of makeup—or rather, to function as makeup—you can truly make skin glow.

But the secret to skin glazing, according to Spiegel, is about the moisturizer and face oil combination and application. "Start with a face mist, then apply your moisturizer mixed with a few drops of facial oil, gently pressing and pushing the mix into skin," she says. "Then mist again to set."

If you're looking for an even brighter complexion—like maybe for a night out—you can glaze your skin even more. For occasions like these, Spiegel likes to use just a few drops of a face oil, such as In Fiore Calendula Oil ($175), pressed onto cheekbones. "Follow up with a mineral powder, like RMS Beauty Un-Powder ($34) to really get that lit-from within-look," Spiegel says. And that's the most actual makeup you'll need for the whole look. What was that about strobing you said, again?

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