For Dewy Winter Skin, Just Add *This* Water

When temps shift from balmy to freezing (or dry and cool, if you’re one of those lucky people who doesn’t have real winter), downing water constantly feels like less of a priority.

But let us—and the hydration pros at Flow Alkaline Spring Water—fill you in on a beauty secret: Hitting your water goal could actually help you defend against parched skin.

Flow Alkaline Spring Water packs naturally occurring electrolytes, minerals, and an alkaline pH level of 8.1 for optimal hydration, helping you to recharge from the inside out. Plus, it comes in a full roster of chuggable organic flavors like strawberry rose and lemon ginger.

So before you spend your entire paycheck on pricey moisturizers, reach for a supercharged H20 first. Subscribe for monthly deliveries of eco-friendly Flow packs for mega savings, plus score free shipping.

In partnership with Flow Water

Photo: Flow Water

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