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Well+Good Editors Share What Stress Means for Their Skin—and Their Go-to Products

Real talk: You can identify external stress points in your life without calling in a detective (it doesn’t take serious investigation to know when you’re feeling burned out from work or trying to figure out what to make for dinner every. single. night.).

But can you say the same for your skin? Turns out, your complexion has its own signs that it’s feeling overwhelmed. Whether the weather has sent it into a dry, flaky funk or your literal stress is translating over to your skin via fine lines, your pores can experience overload, too.

In an effort to counteract that, three Well+Good staffers share how stress shows up on their skin—from extra flaky, a little dull, to some redness—and tried out specific solutions to achieve overall dewier complexions, courtesy of Sephora. Because, yes: There’s a solution out there.

Keep scrolling to see how three Well+Good staffers addressed each of their skin stressors.

Karina Maisonet, Designer
Skin type: Combination
The issue: “I’m a hot-yoga lover, and after I shower post-workout my skin feels extra dry from all the heat from class. It’s stressed to the max!”

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Alex Taylor, Assistant Editor
Skin type: Sensitive
The issue: “Anytime the weather changes or I’m too ‘harsh’ on my skin by exfoliating more than usual, it gets really red and irritated. I’m just either red… or not red.”

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Zoe Weiner, Beauty Editor
Skin type: Dry
The issue: “My dry skin gets all kinds of dehydrated if I don’t sleep enough or drink enough water (talk about stress), which also leaves me with fine lines and tight-feeling skin.”

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