#BPOTD: the Youth-Boosting Skin Essential—That You Can Drink

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Beauty editors have no shortage of skin-care and makeup goodies that come across our desks. So when we become obsessed with something, it says a lot. In our new “Beauty Product of the Day” series (#BPOTD, for short), we wax poetic about the items that are truly game changers for hair, skin, and nails.

Growing up, my Taiwanese mother would demand I eat kid-unfriendly foods like seaweed and tofu to benefit my skin. But it wasn't until my '20s that I discovered she was so right about the connection between what I was consuming and my complexion: When I load up on vitamin-packed salads and juices, my dry and redness-prone skin tends to be more supple and smooth.

Now that fine lines are an added concern on my list, AETHERN®'s vitamin elixir is the logical—and seriously magical—next step. True story: It's a beauty supplement you can drink, designed to hydrate and firm your skin from the inside out.

What’s inside each small blue vial, exactly? The AETHERN® Advanced Skin Beauty Program condenses potent skin-boosters like vitamin E (recommended for minimizing fine lines), magnesium (said to stabilize hormonal imbalances), and collagen peptides (designed to boost firmness) into an easy-to-swig dose. You also might recognize hyaluronic acid—the naturally occurring hydrator tapped in loads of moisturizers—here in ingestible form, too.

A liquid supplement that basically fortifies your skin from head-to-toe? Yep, it exists.

And its got science to back it up: In a clinical study, women reported that their skin's elasticity was boosted by 29 percent after 12 weeks of downing the liquid supplement (yes, please!).

After gulping the blend like clockwork (PS: the taste is totally neutral), I started to notice my skin seemed plumper and dewier—even before applying my daytime serum, moisturizer, and sun protection. Better yet, my most stubborn forehead lines (a leftover from training for a marathon in the sun) were less noticeable when I went to put on makeup before work.

My skin was more taut in a surprising place, too: my neck (which is prone to horizontal lines from looking down at my laptop constantly). A liquid supplement that basically fortifies your skin from head-to-toe? Yep, it exists.

Want to try it yourself? Snag the skin-saving beauty supplement at aethern.com

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Photo: Courtesy of Aethern

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