Everyone’s Going on a #skincarediet and We Are *Here* for It

Photo: Stocksy/Brkati Krokodil
The hashtag #skincarediet is going viral on Instagram and YouTube, with users touting their great results from using fewer skin-care products (gasp). Minimalist beauty enthusiasts are claiming that using too many products can actually make your skin thinner and more sensitive. And so people are paring back, seemingly from a lazy girl’s cry for a routine that delivers the same results but with less of a time investment (cleverly dubbed “skip-care”).

Skip-care, explains Byrdie, is all about streamlining your routine and removing steps without sacrificing any of the ingredients or properties that are imperative to your hydrated and supple skin goals. “Skip-care is a skincare method that allows you to identify the essential ingredients for your skin and avoid the use of unnecessary products for a simpler, yet proper, skincare routine,” a member of the Amore Pacific team told Byrdie. AKA: It’s about asking your products to do more so you can do less. Ahhhh, the lazy girl’s dream!

Like skip-care, #skincarediet is all about simplifying your routine. To do this, beauty brands, especially those in the K-beauty space, are consolidating offerings: For example, they're offering an essence (step 7) that is also a moisturizer (step 8), or a moisturizer that also has your vitamin C serum in it. This is a burgeoning part of the market but eventually, your 10-step skincare routine could be distilled down to much fewer products for the same glow-inducing results.

Another method is by forgoing certain steps altogether. Not only will this have your wallet screaming "thank you", but maybe your skin, too. Win-win, if you ask me.

Originally posted on November 13, 2018, updated on January 16, 2019.

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