Sky Ting Yoga Opens a Brand New—and Way Bigger—Urban Oasis This Week

Photo: Sky Ting
Although Sky Ting Yoga has only been open since last year, the light-drenched, stuffed giraffe-filled Chinatown spot quickly became the go-to studio for Outdoor Voices-clad yogis to tree pose and downward dog high above the chaotic city streets. And for good reason: Beyond the gorgeous minimalist-chic digs, owners Chloe Kernaghan and Krissy Jones' goal was to emphasize community. (This isn't the sort of place you just get up and go two minutes into savasana.) This week, the it-girl faves open their second location, and this space has even more room for practicing—and socializing—than the first.

Set in an old factory building in Tribeca and designed by Nick Poe, the 3,500 square feet studio has a sprawling main room with large open windows (big enough for a class of 55), a smaller room which will hold 25, a private instructing room, and four bathrooms. The overall vibe is light and airy—just like the Chinatown location—but the original details showcase the space's old-school New York charm. "There are lots of arches that play with the natural architecture of the building, so we kept the original structures and enhanced them with windows," Jones says.

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Photo: Ellinor Stigle

And then there's the lounge, stocked with food from Smile To Go, coconut smoothies, and a sunken couch full of cushions and pillows, encouraging yogis to sit and stay a while. "We're still pushing our original mission, which is for Sky Ting to be community-driven and a place where people will want to stay, hang out, and do work after their practice," says Kernaghan. "We want to recast yoga as not just a place to come to your mat, but bringing joy to other aspects of your life across the board."

Sky Ting
Photo: Sky Ting

Another new studio feature: an indoor infrared sauna designed by Higher Dose, which will be installed next month. So yeah, there are plenty of reasons why you'll want to stick around after class.

Because the new space has two rooms instead of one, there will be an expanded class schedule offered with a mix of beginner and advanced classes. "We'll also be offering monthly sound baths, and because we're in Tribeca, there will be pre-natal, post-natal, and kids' yoga classes added to the schedule to support our mama community," Jones says. Teacher training is also a priority, and she notes that was actually a big reason why they wanted to open a second studio in the first place. (Their next training will be in February, details TBD.)

Not that you'll have to wait until then to enhance your wellness repertoire. Though the studio has only just opened its doors, there is also a big wellness day on the books for January, which will feature a lecture by a nutritionist, along with facials and treatments from body workers.

And now, perhaps the most anticipated question of all: what is the new spirit animal? Instead of the iconic giraffe that towers over yogis during child's pose, Kernaghan and Jones chose a whole new species for Tribeca: the flamingo—feminine, able to expertly balance on one foot, and ready to take flight.

Sky Ting Tribeca, 381 Broadway, 2nd Floor, New york, NY 10013, 212-203-5786,

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