I Spent All Day Trying to Boost My Sleep—These Are the Products That Helped Me Do It

NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Face Oil
Sleeping well is something I've taken for granted for most of my life. My roommate used to joke that even if I only had a six-hour window to snooze, I would somehow still get my eight hours. That is obviously not possible, but it illustrates the point: Sleep has always been one of my strong suits.

Until last year, that is. In 2020, I (along with the rest of the world) experienced a series of stress-inducing life events that left me in the unfamiliar position of staring at my ceiling, trying to coax my brain into the sleepy state that used to come so easily.

I've tried a few different bedtime solutions to varying degrees of success, and actually felt like my sleep troubles had been abating slightly when I heard of a solution I hadn't considered before: sleep aromatherapy.

I was first introduced to the method by Nicola Elliott, founder of British well-being brand NEOM, who uses aromatherapy as part of her "well-being toolkit." After spending seven years working 60-hour work weeks as a journalist in London, she felt the burnout—and decided to study to become an aromatherapist to combat her stress and anxiety. It was then that she coined the term, as she began to see how replacing silver-bullet fixes with simple, enjoyable wellness practices pushed her well-being in a positive direction.

"Have a think about what makes you feel good, write those things down, and keep them close."

"[My well-being toolkit contains] practical things that I work into my everyday life," Elliott says. "For example, a consistent nighttime routine, daily fresh air, magnesium supplements, weekly runs with my two dogs—that's my time. Have a think about what makes you feel good, write those things down, and keep them close."

Her challenge prompted me to consider what's in my own well-being toolkit—daily workouts, a slow-paced skin-care routine, FaceTiming my family weekly, reading physical books—and made me realize that the sleep-supporting elements of it were definitely lacking.

Feeling like I might have just cracked the code of my sleep struggles, I got Elliott's product suggestions for creating a better sleepytime routine, and dedicated my days to boosting my sleep. It all started with incorporating some essentials by NEOM—whose mission is to provide an expert blend of the most natural and pure essential oils possible. Here's what happened.

Keep reading to find out which sleep aromatherapy products actually helped improve my sleep.

sleep aromatherapy
NEOM Moment of Calm Pod Starter Pack including the Wellbeing Pod

First up was NEOM's Happiness Scented Candle, which felt very on brand for my positive-mindset-over-everything vibe, and smelled delightful thanks to a blend of seven 100 percent natural essential oils (including white neroli, mimosa flower, and lemon) that have been traditionally used for their mood-boosting properties.

What does happiness have to do with sleep? "All of our wellbeing ranges are interlinked," Elliott explains. "Sleep, stress, energy, mood—when one of those things is slightly off kilter, it’s likely a [domino] effect." To keep that first domino standing, I had the candle burning near my workspace for most of the day, and let the bright, zesty scents remind me to find positivity in stressful moments.

After signing off of work for the day, I switched into full-on relax mode. I put a few drops of the Moment of Calm essential oil blend into my Wellbeing Pod to let my apartment fill with scents of rose and neroli (traditionally used to promote feelings of peace and relaxation) while I made dinner and took a hot shower. Oh and FYI, a Wellbeing Pod is basically exactly what it sounds like: an electronic diffuser that pumps good vibes, humidity, and NEOM's natural well-being fragrances into the air all at once (aka it's a game-changer for your mood).

sleep aromatherapy
NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Magnesium Body Butter

Post-shower, I slathered myself from neck to toes in Perfect Night's Sleep Magnesium Body Butter, which is truly one of the best-smelling lotions I have ever put on my body. Natural fragrances like English lavender, sweet basil, and jasmine combine with skin-softening shea butter and aloe vera, plus added magnesium, which has a whole host of sleep-boosting benefits.

The Intensive Skin Treatment Candle, which you light for 20 minutes before drizzling the warm, aromatic oil onto your skin, has a similar effect—but the nourishing, fragrance-packed oil makes for a mini-massage moment that takes self care to the next level.

Then, I capped off my regular skin-care routine with Perfect Night's Sleep Face Oil, which has the same scent profile as the body butter and uses ingredients like antioxidants, omegas, and other vitamins to help your complexion look as restored as you feel after a great night's sleep.

Here's when the calm vibes really hit me: You know that feeling after a massage or restorative yoga class, when you feel so completely relaxed you could just melt into a puddle? That was me as I stepped out of my bathroom and slid into bed. Feeling nearly drunk on tranquility (no joke), I read for a few minutes before slipping into the deepest sleep I've had in a long time.

My verdict? I'm officially a sleep aromatherapy believer, and my new bedtime routine (especially the Perfect Night's Sleep Magnesium Body Butter) now has a permanent place in my well-being toolkit.

Want to try your hand at crafting your own well-being toolkit? Use code W&G20 to grab 20 percent off NEOM products until March 26!

Top photo: NEOM

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