The Best Sleep Tip for You, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Getting enough adequate, restful sleep is essential for your health and well-being. Although sleep is necessary for many systems in your body function, about one in three adults in the United States report not getting enough of it, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The effects of even mild sleep deprivation are best avoided, but luckily there are some behaviors and habits you can incorporate into your routine to be more supportive of your shut-eye. One way to figure out how best to tweak your sleep schedule is by using astrology to determine the sleep tip that most speaks to how you like to rest, based on your zodiac sign.

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Each zodiac sign has specific attributes associated with it that color how it goes about its day. These qualities are determined by a whole host of factors, such as a sign's modality, ruling planet, and element. These determinations imbue each sign with the traits that make up who they are.

For example, meticulous and exacting Virgo gets those qualities from being an earth sign, which is associated with being organized and rational. Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury has to do with communication and how information and ideas are processed and organized—no surprise then that this sign is especially at ease bringing order to chaos and fine tuning routines. This particular set of skills can be harnessed for the good of Virgo's sleep by making sure they follow a set routine (more on that below).

Read on for insights into the best sleep tip for each zodiac sign from astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Complete Book of Dreams, and Alexandria Lettman, astrologer and founder of spiritual-wellness platform Jupiter Jewel.

The best sleep tip for each zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.

Aries, your cardinal sign placement, fire element, and ruling planet Mars (the planet of action and assertion) mean you’re constantly in motion. According to Lettman, you can harness that fire for the good of your sleep by exercising. “Aries are very active, but they burn out quickly and will feel ready to rest when their physical energy is exerted,” she says.

Exercise and sleep benefit each other, and just 30 minutes of moderate exercise can help you sleep at night, so make sure to get moving at least a couple hours before bedtime.


You're a fixed signTaurus, and your earth element means you work hard. With Venus (which is associated with pleasure and beauty) as your ruling planet, you play hard, too. Take some time to make sure your sleep surfaces—your pillows, sheets, mattress, and blankets—are supportive of how you sleep best, says Gailing.

“Taurus to me is about having that beautiful environment and loving your bedroom by having soft, delicious sheets and pillows,” she says. Consider your sleeping temperature and your sleeping position. Weighted blankets and sheets and blankets made of breathable fabrics like linen, bamboo, or cotton may make you more comfortable as well.


Gemini, your mind is always turning, and your mutable sign modality means you absorb information like a sponge —thank your ruling planet Mercury and your air element, too. According to Lettman, this quality can make you “restless,” and you don't need that noise to translate to your bedroom: Make sure it's as dark and quiet as possible.

Limiting light in your bedroom is key for a good night’s sleep, because light exposure can toss your circadian rhythm off track by signaling to your body that it should be awake when it shouldn’t. Invest in some blackout shades. If you’re limited by your interior design choices, invite darkness by investing in a silk or satin sleep eye mask, consider ear plugs if noise pollution from outside is an issue.


It’s no secret that you love a treat, Cancer, but it’s a good idea to curb those cravings several hours before bed to help your sleep. Lettman says the best sleep tip for you is to avoid snacking too close to bedtime, especially on sugary foods and alcoholic or caffeinated drinks that negatively impact your sleep.

Instead, pop on your mixology hat and whip up a beverage that’ll support your shut-eye. Try a frothy moon milk latte, which is rich with sleep-inducing magnesium, a soothing cup of chamomile tea, or tart cherry juice.


Leo, your ruling planet is literally the sun, and that plus your fire element means you burn brightly during the day—sometimes so brightly that you really tire yourself out and need to play catch up on your sleep. Napping is a great way to give yourself an extra boost, and is a habit practiced by residents of the Blue Zones, who are some of the longest living people in the world. However, strategic napping is key, and Lettman recommends you make sure your naps are supporting—not undermining—your nighttime sleep.

Nailing the perfect nap is a science: The CDC recommends limiting naps to between 15 and 30 minutes for a boost of energy without dipping into deeper sleep.


Virgo, your penchant for organization can also be directed to help you get the shut-eye you need. Organized Virgos love a good routine, so they should monitor the time they go to sleep and wake up each day and try to stick to the same times,” says Lettman.

That consistency helps your body learn how to get to sleep efficiently, too; sleep docs say the best thing you can do for your sleep is to wake up at the same time every day to avoid jet-lagging yourself. You can always head to bed earlier if you need to, but setting that anchor on the front-end will help your body adjust.


Libra, you’re an air sign ruled by Venus, so you care a lot about balance and beauty. You want everyone to get along in general, and going to bed angry, sad, or stressed will majorly impact your sleep, according to Gailing. For your sleep tip, really focus on getting in the right mindset before you sleep by deeply relaxing. “If you get concerned that there’s no peace, that may keep you from sleeping,” she says.

Going to sleep angry can compromise your sleep quality, so it’s best avoided. Tend to any emotional matters that’ll keep you up well before bedtime. To conjure a good mood, ensure your environment is lush and comfortable, and perhaps light an aromatherapy candle to relax, or put on some pink or brown noise to ease you into sleep.


Scorpio, you’re deeply in tune with your feelings because of your water element and your ruling planet Pluto imbues you with the desire to pursue power—you’re incredibly ambitious and driven, so you work hard. Because of this, Lettman recommends you read a book before bed to relax and unwind. “This will help you get quiet and comfortable and stop overthinking about the day you’ve had,” she says.

One of the many benefits of reading is better sleep, so find a book you love (maybe one recommended for your zodiac sign or one of this summer's new releases) to wind down.


Sagittarius, you're always on the go thanks to your fire element and ruling planet Jupiter, which is associated with luck and abundance. Your worldly and wise mind actively churns throughout the day, and some time to unpack all those thoughts and feelings through gratitude journaling would be welcome. Expressing gratitude has been linked with better sleep, and reducing stress is a sure way to help your shut-eye. “Reflecting on your day, expressing gratitude for your life, and writing about your goals and dreams will inspire you to sleep and start fresh the next day,” says Lettman.


Capricorn, your ruling planet Saturn and your earth element are in part to thank for your ambition and ability to work hard. You may think it’s necessary to sometimes burn the midnight oil to get ahead, so Gailing says your sleep tip is more of a mindset shift than one related to habits—internalize the fact that actually getting enough sleep is key to your productivity and overall well-being, and take steps to get to bed earlier. Beyond all the health impacts of not sleeping enough, lack of sleep negatively impacts your productivity and performance at work, so making a concerted effort to get to sleep on time can help you achieve your career goals.

How can you do this? Use tools like sleep tracking wearables for insight into your current routine, or try a sleep cycle calculator to help you pinpoint a bedtime that’ll be supportive of your health and all that you need to get done during the day.


Aquarius, your ruling planet Uranus, which is associated with innovation, is in part to thank for your curiosity. You love your gadgets, and while that’s generally fine during the day, stepping away from your devices can help you dodge the sleep-hindering effects of blue light and screens. Lettman recommends you set a digital curfew before bed. “Leaving your devices across the room may help you resist the temptation to scroll through social media,” she says. Use the chunking method to get your quick fill of the news and social media, and then put your phone and laptop out of sight.


Imaginative Neptune is your planetary ruler, Pisces, and that along with being a water sign makes you one of the most creative in the zodiac. It’s important to find a way to quiet your mind and relax at night because stress and sleep are closely linked, so doing some de-stressing activity before bed is your recommendation. “A bedtime meditation will help quiet Pisces' distracted mind and late-night worries,” says Lettman. When you’re settling in for bed, try a five-step sleep meditation or another kind of micro-meditation to prepare yourself to drift off to dreamland.

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