5 Ways to Get Your Best Night of Rest Ever, in Honor of Sleep Awareness Week

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Raise your hand if you're the type of person who tends to answer the question, "How are you?" with, "Eh, tired." You're so not alone: Nowadays sleepiness is, strangely enough, a way of life thanks to a variety of zzz's-disrupting factors like your pre-snooze social media scroll, not-so-reliable night-shift technology on your e-reader, and less-obvious culprits like sleeping alongside your pup. People are so obsessed, in fact, that sleep tech is a trending and booming industry.

So, in honor of the National Sleep Foundation's Sleep Awareness Week, I dove into Well+Good's archives to excavate the top tips to help you *actually* clock eight hours of shut-eye. These hot takes touch on dream-inducing decor, nighttime rituals, and staying in REM till your alarm sounds in the a.m. Now all you need is a super luxe pair of pajamas or, better yet, duds that offer sleep-supporting fabric technology to suit up for a solid night's rest.

Keep reading for the best tips to help you gain a dreamy night of rest.

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