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Slippers Are Terrible for Your Feet—These Are the *Only* Kind That Are Podiatrist-Approved

Tehrene Firman

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Slippers aren’t great for your feet. But since they’ve become part of the unofficial work-from-home uniform, I asked the experts what to look for in a pair of slippers that’ll provide comfort and stability in equal measure. The answer is clear: “Good arch support is a must for any high-quality shoe, and slippers are no exception,” says Velimir Petkov, DPM, a podiatrist at Premier Podiatry in Clifton, New Jersey.

“Good arch support cradles the arch and can prevent tendinitis and heel pain, which are some of the most common symptoms of collapsing arches,” says Dr. Petkov. “Good slippers should have soft, insulating, and comforting uppers so that a person can comfortably slip into them without worrying about the width or height of their foot.”

Jacqueline Sutera, DPM, a podiatrist and Vionic Innovation Lab member, also recommends going for something with extra cushioning and shock absorption. “Wearing supportive slippers at home is also a great way to help prevent and alleviate back, knee, and hip pain because feet are the foundation of the body,” she says. “Wearing slippers and limiting the time spent barefoot can also help prevent and slow down the ‘fat pad atrophy’ of the bottoms of your feet. Once this happens, later in life, you’re basically walking around on skin and bones. Ouch. It happens slowly and over time, but making good shoe choices daily can prevent and slow this down.”

Podiatrist-approved slippers for arch support

1. Birkenstock Zermatt Slippers, $100

Podiatrists love Birkenstocks’ footbeds for their comfort and arch support. This pair has a deep heel cup that keeps your natural cushioning under the heel bone, longitudinal arch support along the sides of the footbed for stability, and a raised toe bar that encourages the natural gripping motion of your feet.

Shop now: Birkenstock Zermatt Slippers, $100

2. Vionic Relax Slippers, $65

slippers for arch support

These slippers have received the American Podiatric Medical Association’s seal of acceptance, so you know they’re good for your feet. “Vionic’s Relax Slipper is my favorite because it checks all my boxes for a podiatrist-approved slipper,” says Dr. Sutera. “It has arch support built-in, is cushioned, and is also adjustable. An adjustable slipper can accommodate one foot that may be wider due to a bunion, for example, or even adjust for when you want to pair them with your favorite cozy winter socks.” There are multiple color and pattern options to choose from: leopard, light gray, tan, black, and tiger.

Shop now: Vionic Relax Slippers, $65

3. Acorn Women’s Spa Wrap, $39

slippers for arch support

These slippers have built-in arch and heel support to keep you comfortable. There’s also a strap to tighten them up around your foot so they don’t slip off, as well as a grippy rubber sole. They come in six colors, and at this price, you might want to grab more than one.

Shop now: Acorn Women’s Spa Wrap, $39

4. Sollbeam Fuzzy House Slippers, $40

The arch support in these slippers is top-notch, not only keeping you comfortable, but also improving your foot and leg alignment. There’s also deep heel cups to provide extra padding and stabilization, a shock-absorbing rubber sole, and contoured footbeds.

Shop now: Sollbeam Fuzzy House Slippers, $40

5. Vionic Leona Slipper, $100

These editor-approved slippers have a suede upper, faux-shearling lining, and a fun dreamcatcher pattern. Cuteness aside, they’re also great for your feet with top-notch arch support and orthotic comfort. They come in both black and beige.

Shop now: Vionic Leona Slipper, $100

6. Garnet Hill Haflinger Classic Boiled Wool Slippers, $98

slippers for arch support

These cozy mules might not look like it, but aside from being warm and comfortable, reviewers also swear by their impressive arch support. They come in four different colors: pink, brown, gray, and blue.

Shop now: Garnet Hill Haflinger Classic Boiled Wool Slippers, $98

7. L.L. Bean Women’s Mountain Slippers, $69

These slippers have a cozy fleece lining to keep your toes nice and toasty, a rubber bottom that provides traction, and—of course—good arch support. This memory foam version is fantastic, too.

Shop now: L.L. Bean Women’s Mountain Slippers, $69

Keep your feet happy with these foot mobility stretches:

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