The Dancer Arms Workout That Proves Small Movements Can Be Mighty

When you think about an arm workout that uses light weights to get your muscles pumping, versus one that that has you grunting under a barbell, it's easy to call the latter the "better workout." Spoiler alert! That's simply not true. When it comes to working your upper body, often doing smaller movements with lighter weights and more repetitions is just the ticket for achieving strong arms.

As proof: On the latest episode of Good MovesThe Ness founder and trainer, Colette Dong, takes us through a dancer arms workout that will have you believing that some of the hardest workouts require the smallest movements. This arms set will have your traps, delts, pecs, and biceps burning, thanks to small isolated movements that keep your muscles constantly activated.

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Because the movements are all dancer-inspired, they'll make you feel like you're just jiving around your house while you're working up a sweat. To warm up, start by holding your weights at your sides and rolling your shoulders back in circles to focus on your posture and alignment. Though it may be easy to lose focus while getting into the groove of the music and getting lost in the repetition of the small movements, one thing to keep in mind while doing the workout is that your arms are not the only muscle groups at work here. Make sure to ground your heels into the floor and engage your core as you pulse through the movements.

Additionally, during this workout, "you'll move fairly briskly, and really work your endurance with lighter weights," says Dong, which is key because it keeps your heart, lungs, and circulatory system healthy and strong. All you'll need is a set of light weights, a pair of soup cans, or a couple of water bottles.

Ready to get started? Press play on the video above to follow along with a 15-minute dancer-inspired arms workout that uses small movements to get the biggest burn.

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