6 Small Space Desk Solutions for When You Really Don’t Have Anywhere to Get Work Done

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Finding an area to work in a small space isn't easy. Many people simply don't have the room for a traditional desk, and slumped over in bed on your laptop or sitting on the couch is not really conducive to productivity (and quickly causes aches and pains). But fear not! There are plenty of small space desk options that allow you to work comfortably from anywhere.

Whether you're into standing desks, want something you can easily fold up and slide under the couch after a long day of work, or simply need a much-smaller version of every desk set-up you've always admired, these are the best small space desk solutions (a little) money can buy.

The best small space desk solutions for every budget

1. HUANUO Lap Desk, $62

This lap desk makes working from bed a little more comfortable with a built-in wrist pad and mouse pad, as well as slots for your phone and pens.

2. Tangkula Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table, $80

If you don't have a lot of space for a full-blown desk, you can mount this floating option to your wall. When it's time to work, you can fold the extra section up for more space.

3. Folding Study Desk for Small Space, $47

During the day, this option gives you the feel of working at a traditional desk. Then once you're done, it can easily be folded down and stored under your bed.

4. BESIGN Adjustable Laptop Table, $66

This adjustable laptop tray can be used in many different ways. You can set it on a counter to use as a standing desk, or use it in bed. Once you're done, it folds up in seconds.

5. liliDECOR Adjustable Height Desk, $41

This desk is the perfect size for working on a laptop. Just wheel it up to your couch or a chair when you're ready to work. There's also an area underneath to store things.

6. Seville Classics Adjustable Laptop Computer Desk Cart, $160

If you can't decide between a sitting and standing desk, this option gives you the best of both worlds. It can adjust from 27" to 42". It also gives you an ample amount of workspace.

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