Smart Mugs Are Here to Keep Your Morning Coffee Safe From Public Enemy No. 1 (Freezing Office Air)

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As temperatures drop this fall, iced-coffee season quickly give way to piping-hot PSL cravings—meaning your morning beverage routine at the office is in store for a warm and cozy makeover. But, if you like to savor (rather than guzzle) every. last. drop. of that a.m. latte, you're undoubtedly all-too-familiar with what happens after waiting a tad too long between sips. Yep, I'm talking about that accidental gulp of tepid joe that sends *literal* shivers down your caffeine-lovin' spine. But thanks to one seriously smart mug, you may never experience this coffee-conundrum again.

Meet the Ember Ceramic Mug ($80), which allows you to control the exact temperature of your beverage straight from your phone. Understanding that you might prefer your matcha, chamomile tea, and cappuccino at different Fahrenheit statuses between the 120-  to 145-degree range, the innovation prompts you to create beverage preferences that you can easily toggle between whenever the yearning for a steamy drink strikes. And just like that, you're basically your own temperature-ista.

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Of course, $80 does seem like a kind of, *ahem*, steep price to pay for a fancy beverage-carrying vessel. But think of it like this: You'll permanently avoid that gross, post-microwave burn taste from reheating; your hot chai tea latte will finally last through an entire meeting; and, bonus, you can also change the LED color of the mug from your iPhone to vibe with however you're feeling that day.

After all, being sufficiently caffeinated is practically a tenet of #selfcare.

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