Take a Tiny Home for a Test Run at This Trendy Ski Destination in Wyoming

Photo: Instagram/@snakeriversportingclub
They say good things come in small packages, and, in my book at least, tiny automatically means "adorable." (Hi, little golden retriever puppy that lives next door!) And the tiny-home trend that exploded this past year totally supports…my book. But before you put a down payment on said petite property, you should really make sure you can live minimally—and what better place to test it out than at a luxe ski destination in the mountains?

Tiny homes—which are exactly what they sound like—are made to be functional but aspirational, thanks in large part to HGTV's many tiny-home-themed shows that revolutionized the minimalist movement. (Shout-out to Marie Kondo for bringing this sentiment to our possessions as well.) The major bonus it that, since the dwellings are small, they take up less land, are lower in cost, and are easier to maintain.

Economically, a tiny house is a brilliant idea. But instead of being impulsive, book a stay at Snake River Sporting Club, a luxury outdoor enthusiast's dream. The 800-acre property is primarily a private club and residential development, but non-members can stay in one of the resort's new mini homes.

The one-bedroom, one-bathroom pads at this almost-too-pretty-to-be-real locale are heavy on the simple (yet chic) vibes, with brand-new kitchens, fireplaces, and heated floors (leave your slippers at home).

And don't let the non-member status makes you feel inferior: Guests staying in the tiny homes, which are part of the new Discovery Village, still get access to the resort's clubhouse, restaurant, pro shop (it's the top-rated golf course in Wyoming!), and lounges. Then, aprés ski (or aprés sled, snowshoe, bike, fish, run, hike, or kayak), everyone gathers at the outdoor fire pit, where there are blankets, board games (which might make you a nicer person), and ridiculous views of the sun going down over the Snake River.

If you're still not sold on the tiny home thing, you can also stay in one of the club's "luxury pioneer wagons." So just like an IRL game of Oregon Trail, but without the dysentery or anxiety about fording the river.

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