The Easiest Way to Get That New-Shoe Feeling (Without Spending $$$) Is to Snazz up the Laces

Photo: Getty Images/Westend61
Now that sneakers are part of the dress code for pretty much every occasion—first dates included—I rarely wear anything without a cushy rubber sole anymore. The only downside to this, IMO, is that when I'm alternating between the same Nike Air Force Ones and Huaraches on repeat, I get bored with my footwear options a lot faster.

Thankfully, just as I was about to drop a paycheck to freshen up my collection, one of my co-workers suggested a brilliant (and cheap!) hack for beating sneaker ennui: Invest in some new laces.

"Laces are a fun and easy way to customize your own kicks," confirms Kirta Carroll, vice president of marketing at women's activewear retailer Six:02. "They're a quick way to add some color or embellishment to an everyday pair."

Lucky for us, it's a good time to veer away from basic black or white laces: Colored, patterned, and textured styles are pretty much everywhere right now, so you've got no shortage of options. (Etsy is a particularly rich gold mine for sneaker shoelaces, FYI.) For less than $10, in most cases, you can completely change up the look of your kicks—and it's a no-risk makeover, because you can just swap the laces back if you don't like the end result.

"There are no rules for picking laces—just pick the ones you feel like best express your style," says Carroll. "If you’re willing to change them out often, grab a few. But if the re-lacing work is too much for you, go for something more classic you can live in day in and day out." Leopard print's totally considered a classic, right?

While you're restyling your sneaks, here's how to lace them based on your foot type. And if you still want to buy a new pair for spring, check out Everlane's new, sustainable trainers.

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