5 Pairs of Nike Sneakers That Are Trainer-Approved for Support *and* Style

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If you Google "sneakers," you get about 1,130,000,000 results—not overwhelming at all, right? But seriously, when it comes to sneaker shopping, there seem to be endless options, all with different styles and benefits that make it hard to know where to begin when you're deciding on what to purchase.

With all the choices on the market, we tapped Nike Well Collective trainer Briana Thompson to give us the DL on sneaker shopping. She's also sharing intel on her favorite Nike sneakers that offer the support your body needs during a workout, while being stylish enough that you'll reach for them even when you're not exercising.

"I am a true Nike girl through and through," Thompson says. "I love how the brand is consistently evolving its technology to provide sneakers that are highly functional and comfortable, but also stylish. I also appreciate the diversity of options so that I can choose sneakers designed for a specific modality or I can take advantage of the styles that are cross-functional, like the Metcon."

Keep reading to learn why each pair of the below shoes is beloved by Thompson. You just might find a pair that checks every box you're looking for *without* sorting through 1,130,000,000 different pairs while sneaker shopping.

Shop Supportive and Stylish Sneakers

Nike Invincible 3 Women's Road Running Shoes — $185.00

Is comfort your number one priority when looking for running (or hot girl walking) shoes? Then the Invincible 3s are the way to go for you. Designed with Nike’s highest level of cushioning—which is intentionally placed to ensure every part of your foot feels supported for every mile—you’ll feel like you’re running on clouds as you breeze through your workout. Plus, the colors give major Y2K vibes if you want a stylish option to go with your matching workout set.

Nike React Infinity 3 Women's Road Running Shoes — $160.00

If you switch between long runs and shorter sprints, you’ll want a shoe that can support you equally during both workouts—and the React Infinity 3s are up for the task. The unique rocking shape of the soles is meant to provide support during all three phases of a runner’s stride (no matter how fast you’re going), making for a smooth run all the way through. And you’ll have no worries about tripping in these—the wider bottoms allow for more stability on contact with the treadmill or ground. The cool cheetah print is really just the cherry on top.

Nike Free Metcon 5 — $120.00

Need a new pair of workout shoes that’ll work for strength training *and* cardio days? The Nike Free Metcon 5 is the way to go for you. The wide outsole creates a solid base for any lifting sesh and the internal webbing helps to distribute pressure to keep you comfy, secure, and strong. On the other hand, the stretch around the collar of the shoe helps you to move freely while still keeping your foot snug during agility moves such as burpees or skaters. Grab the classic black tone so you can style them with just about anything.

Nike Pegasus 40 Women's Road Running Shoes — $130.00

Every runner has their preferred terrain, from treadmill to trails. For all the road runners out there, the Nike Pegasus 40s were made for you. One of the most important parts of a road running shoe is the outsole (where the shoe meets the road)—that’s why the heel on this pair optimizes your landing space, while simultaneously improving transition and durability. It’s also the reason for the waffle-pattern on the bottom, which provides major traction on the road. Going with a classic white and black pair ensures it’ll match all your workout ‘fits, too.

Nike InfinityRN 4 Women's Road Running Shoes — $160.00

Applying the “What, like it’s hard?” Elle Woods mentality to your run when you’re in these pink sneakers will come easy, thanks to the all-new Nike React-X foam, which will help you to stay bouncy throughout your entire run. The support on this pair is unique due to the internal FlyKnit fit band (it basically feels like an oversized rubber band around the middle of your foot) that ensures a snug fit through every stride.

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