I Found the Podiatrist-Approved Sneaker That’s Actually Really Cute

Photo: Taos
You know the feeling—it's just warm enough to comfortably run your errands without becoming a sweaty mess, and you're hitting the streets in your go-to sneaker. Though you feel good when you leave the house, by the end of the day, your feet and ankles may be craving some more support. For days like this, podiatrist Diane Koshimune, DPM, swears by sneakers from Taos, a brand that makes canvas shoes with arch support.

When I hear arch support I immediately think of grandpa sneakers, but as Dr. Koshimune describes Taos kicks: "They look kind of like a Converse and Keds had a baby." Apparently everyone, especially those with flat feet, can benefit from walking in more supportive sneaks, because it helps keep your body aligned. "If you're someone who is doing some normal walking or exercising and you're finding that your ankles or your heels are becoming a little bit sensitive or you start working out and your knees hurt," Dr. Koshimune says that "it could be from that malalignment."

The Taos sneakers come in 12 styles, each with multiple colorways, priced between $80 and $120. Each one comes with a removable pad that hugs the contours of your feet, while providing support to the ball of your foot, your arch, and your heel and absorbing shock. But forgive me, why can you just take your Converse or your Keds and try to add some arch support to make them more friendly? "The shoe isn't necessarily built for that. It takes up a ton of room, so that's annoying, [and] you may have to change your shoe size." And what's more, good insoles can cost you roughly the same as a new pair of kicks.

If you've never had arch support, Dr. Koshimune says they're going to feel a bit odd at first. She says they're very different form those super-squishy gel inserts, which are for people who've lost the cushioning fat on the bottom of their foot. As someone with ridiculously flat feet, I'm beyond excited about these shoes. Adding this white pair to my cart, as we speak.

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