This Sweatshirt Is Considered the ‘Snuggie’ of Sweaters—And It’s Only $35 on Amazon

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Once upon a time, Snuggies—the original blanket with sleeves—were thought to be an unnecessary, if not embarrassing, purchase. Over the years, though, the infomercial-based blankets ebbed in and out of popularity. Some wore it ironically. Some with earnest. Then, came 2020 and the pandemic rolled around, and people everywhere took a step back to reevaluate their wardrobes and home essentials, prioritizing comfort in the process.

Before we knew it, not only were Snuggies gaining traction again, but garments that embodied the same principle of ultra-cozy, oversized comfort began taking priority, too. Now, with a market saturated in warm and fuzzy pullovers with roomy sleeves across all price points, it may feel overwhelming to try and pick a single style. But, if you ask thousands of Amazon shoppers, one silhouette stands out in particular.

Enter: the Dokotoo Fuzzy Hooded Sweatshirt ($35). Sold in 30 colors, including neutrals as well as pastel and animal print options, the cozy 100 percent polyester pullover is beloved for its boxy fit, spacious hood, quarter-zip, roomy pockets, and cuffed sleeves and long, banded hem, which pairs especially well with leggings. Plus, it’s easy to wash. Just toss it in on the cold setting and hang it to dry.

“You know how you look at someone in a cozy outfit and you get cozy envy? Welcome to the cozy side of that moment. Everyone sees me and says ‘Wow! You look cozy!’ And I absolutely am,” one shopper shares.

“It feels like I am wearing the softest blanket in the world. If you are looking for a top that shows your curves, this isn’t for you. But, if you want to be cozy by the fire or next to your person on the couch watching a movie… It’s perfect! Great price, too,” another shopper marvels.

“You absolutely want to pull the trigger on this purchase if questioning currently! I would live in mine if possible,” another shopper assures us.

Now, the only question is, will you be able to pick just one color?

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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