These Genius Soda Can Tab Openers Are Disability, Arthritis, and Long Nail Helpers—And an Instant *Add to Cart*

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If you’ve ever struggled to crack open a can, here’s a gadget you probably didn’t know existed—soda can tab openers. These ingenious little devices slip right onto the tab of your soda can to provide extra leverage and grip so you can pop it open without strain—making them a huge accessibility hack for folks with disabilities, those who experience chronic pain or arthritis in the hands, or anyone who really hates breaking a nail (probably all of us).

The handy tabs tout other super convenient uses, too, like covering the opening of your drink to keep bugs out, and making it easy to identify at a party thanks to their rainbow bright colors. Needless to say, you need these babies in your cart—you can order a six pack on Amazon for just 12 bucks.

Clearly, we feel very strongly about these soda can tab openers—but we’re not the only ones on the bandwagon, over 3,000 Amazon shoppers have given them a 5-star rating. “They work great!” writes one 5-star reviewer, “I have arthritis, and find these helpful with opening cans.” Once slid into place, the tab openers add length to most soda can tabs to bolster your grip, something that can be a real challenge for folks with a disability, or those experiencing chronic pain and soreness due to arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

And if you plan on cozying up outdoors this season (or any time of year), reviewers say you’re going to want the soda can tab openers on deck to keep pesky bugs and critters from stealing a sip—or worse, falling into your drink. Just pop open your can and spin the tab opener around to cover its opening and let bugs know that the bar is closed.

“We use this product all the time!” writes another Amazon shopper, “We live in Florida and are constantly sitting outside, especially in the evenings, to let our dogs play in the yard. [They’re] very easy to cover soda or any other beverage to keep the flies out.” One reviewer loves them so much, she’s got more to give as gifts, “I bought 2 packages and stuck one of them in a gift to my folks,” she writes in a 5-star review, “My dad loves them as much as I do! No more worrying that a fly has drowned in your cold beer, soda, or energy drink.”

What’s more, the handy openers make for an easy way to keep *tabs* on your drink at parties—saving you the trouble of trying to write on a cold can with a runny marker. “The different colors make it easy to tell which can belongs to whom at a gathering,” wrote one 5-star reviewer. So spruce up the six-pack of seltzers you’re bringing to the holiday party with a set of these soda openers, and prepare to rack up the kudos—and save everyone’s manicure. “[They] save my nails,” says one Amazon shopper in a 5-star review. She even keeps one in her car and her purse, and I must say, we respect the nail care dedication.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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