Get Ready for the Softest Sleep Ever With These 5 Cotton Bedding Essentials

Photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma & W+G Creative
Summer sleep expectations: You come home after a long day, collapse into your snuggly bed, and fall asleep ASAP. Summer sleep reality: You come home after a long day, collapse into your snuggly bed, and proceed to start sweating and fitfully flinging around the sheets all night.

For the fellow sheet-flingers out there, the problem isn’t just that it’s warmer outside—it’s also that your bedding isn’t always breathable. While some fabrics trap heat, others are lightweight enough that you can still burrow in without worrying about waking up in a puddle. And by others, we mean cotton.

According to Heather Taylor, the founder and creative director of Heather Taylor Home, the best way to stay cool this summer is to lean into breathable cotton bedding, which will get comfier after each wash. “Along with getting softer over time, cotton is an incredible quality [fabric] that you know what to expect from,” Taylor says. “Our cotton textiles last for years when taken care of properly.”

If you’re ready to get some major zzz’s time in this summer, here are five cotton bedding essentials that’ll have you sleeping like a (temperature-controlled) baby.

All-Season Comforter — $279.00

A comforter is to your bed what a cleanser is to your skin-care regimen: It’s a foundational essential. Invest in one made with a comfy cotton shell that’ll make you want to stay in bed all day long. This all-season one from Brooklinen is not only made with 100 percent cotton, but it’s the perfect weight to use for restful sleep year-round.

Percale Sheet Set — $140.00

If your quilt is up for best actor of the year, then your sheets are best supporting actor. “Cotton sheets are breathable and easy to care for,” Taylor says. This crisp set from Lands’ End is no exception with a percale weave that will keep you cool enough to sleep soundly. Bonus: Cotton is ​​hypoallergenic so you don’t have to worry about any irritation.

Mini Gingham Red Quilt — $355.00

Bedding is all about the layers—and you can still make it happen in summer with an airy quilt. This adorable, reversible cotton one is handwoven by artisans in Mexico and will look great on any bed (or couch during a movie marathon). Plus, it’s designed to last a lifetime, thanks to it being made with 100 percent durable cotton.

Mini Gingham Cream Duvet Cover — $275.00

Everyone knows the best bedding is functional and stylish—and this cotton duvet cover can do it all. “A Heather Taylor Home gingham duvet cover is my go-to for creating a beautiful bedroom,” Taylor says. Not only will this brighten up your bedroom, but it will also get softer over time—aka you’ll cuddle with it for years to come.

Milos Peony Pillow — $125.00

Lastly, don’t forget the throw pillows. You can get adventurous here by picking unique shapes and patterns to mix and match on top of your bed—just make sure the pillowcase is made with cotton (the most used textile in the home for a reason, btw). Time to make the bed.

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