I’ve Tried and Worn *So* Many Sweatsuits, and This Is By Far the Softest One I’ve Ever Put On My Body

Photo: Softwear
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After a year of working from home, I like to think of myself as a sweatsuit connoisseur. I'm not exaggerating when I say I've tried out hundreds of different options, including luxe cashmere sweater-suits, an early-2000s Abercrombie & Fitch getup that I co-opted from an ex back in April, and the Juicy velour track outfit I've been wearing since the eighth grade. And while I can say with full confidence that there is no such thing as an "uncomfortable" sweatsuit, my devoted testing has revealed that there's one particular set—from a small, indie brand called Softwear—that stands above all the rest, and IMHO deserves the title of "softest sweatsuit on the planet."

I got my hands on the brand's joggers ($97) and pullover ($97) earlier this month, and they quickly became the only thing I've wanted to put on my body—so much so that the rest of my sweatsuit collection has remained untouched since they came into my life. The fabric has the type of buttery-soft quality that has me tempted to ask strangers on the street to feel it so that they, too, can experience how amazing it is. It somehow strikes the perfect balance of being feather-light, but also warm, which means that it's perfect for even the most unpredictable spring weather. I've worn it to walk my dog in 30-degree temps and while running errands on sunny, 65-degree Saturdays, and it's kept me comfortably cozy (but not sweaty) in every situation.

The suit comes in a range of different colors, including classics like white, blue, and green, plus a few different tie-dyed styles. I opted for the grey tie-dye, which I have started referring to as my "cloud suit" because that's exactly what it looks and feels like. On the few occasions that I've worn it outside of my apartment—which, by the way, it's totally appropriate for—it's been a compliment magnet, and people have stopped me on the street to ask me where I got it.

I rocked the set for 15 straight days before washing it for the first time, mostly because I was afraid that a trip through the spin cycle would mess with the materials (and also because I'm disgusting, but whatever). But when I finally did give it a much-needed laundering, I was thrilled to discover that it was just as perfect when it came out as it was when it went in... and smelled a whole lot better, too.

At this point, my sweatsuit drawers are overflowing with options, but these days, this dreamy look is the only one I ever reach for.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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