The Next Solar Eclipse Is Just Before July 4—Here’s What That Means for Your Holiday Plans

The closest I've ever come to a total solar eclipse was…actually pretty close. On an August afternoon in 2017, I risked the quality of my vision by honoring my daily trip to the ice-cream truck, because, well, we all have priorities, and one of mine was to snag my cone of goodness. While the next total solar eclipse likely won't hamper your summer-treats prerogative since it's only going to be viewable from the South Pacific Ocean, Chile, and Argentina, since it falls on July 2, its astrological implications very well may play into your celebratory plans for the Fourth of July long weekend. The good news here is that the effect should mostly be for the better.

The main thing to keep in mind for the July 2 event is that it's not an ideal time for a high-stakes presentation or any big-deal meeting. “The solar eclipse is not necessarily a day for shining," astrologer Emma Toynbee tells me. "If you have a big public appearance planned, then tone down your expectations and the day will go just fine.”

Niravta Mathur, co-founder of astrology app align27, adds that as a rule of thumb, eclipses are generally not an ideal time to start anything big or new, so it may be wise to hold off on asking for a big promotion or expressing a total eclipse of the heart by diving into a new relationship until a week after the celestial event has completed. So basically, you can consider the eclipse as your universe-sanctioned excuse to kick up your feet for some quiet R & R during the Fourth of July long weekend.

Basically, you can consider the eclipse as your universe-sanctioned excuse to kick up your feet for some quiet R & R for the Fourth of July long weekend.

"Repose, reflect, and go within is the mantra for this eclipse," Mathur says. "Meditation, mindfulness, and listening to spiritual sound vibrations bring our mind to a state of deep rest, and the benefits of any spiritual activity conducted during an eclipse are multiplied, so it's worth spending those extra few minutes [on such a ritual]. Reflect on the months that have passed this year and what you want to prioritize for the remaining months of the year."

During the long weekend, then, in addition to chilling out and catching your breath, take some time to introspect about your macro goals for 2019; revaluate what you really, really want. "By tapping into your inner self and what it truly yearns for and desires, you may find those answers come to surface," Mathur continues.

This isn't to say that your thoughts should center on scrambling to make the most most of waning months of the year (the death of June happening just before the holiday weekend does make me feel a tinge stressed about seasons passing weirdly fast). Rather, the energy from the solar eclipse should bring a "welcome reprieve from the last six months of major house cleaning," astrologer Rosie Cutter says. "Enjoy uplifting times with friends and family, the resolution of old conflicts, and the opportunity to make your dreams come true."

And don't shy away from RSVPing "heck yes" to any exciting upcoming events. "With Uranus in the mix, the unexpected is bound to happen, so give extra time for travel and sudden invitations," Cutter says. "Overall, [the total solar eclipse] should cast a positive energy to any group gatherings—get out there and have some fun."

So enjoy yourself in the shade in the days following this eclipse. The stars (and stripes) have sanctioned it.

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