25 Instagrams of People (and Dogs) *Living* for the Solar Eclipse

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Photo: Instagram/@kristenanniebell

Did you look up at the sky and feel humbled by nature today? Did you check it off your bucket list (and check how it could affect your horoscope)? Did you get so excited?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, and if you've taken a peek at Instagram today (with or without those super-cool glasses), then you know you're not alone.

As a total solar eclipse became visible across the US today (the first time that's happened in 40 years), millions of people stood outside together in crowds, from Oregon to South Carolina, or tuned in to watch one of NASA's breathless livestreams. And, of course, they celebrated this super-rare experience on social media as well.

Keep reading for our favorite posts of the day—everyone from Kristen Bell to Bill Nye the science guy (and a few eclipse-crazed regular folks).

Now that you got that all-too-rare look at the moon and sun, here's what you can learn by looking to the stars: everything from the crystal that's right for you to your sex style (really).

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