This Is the Bra the Most Well+Good Readers Have Bought 3 Years Running

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Bras: A necessary evil. We love them and we hate them. We don’t want back pain or chafing, but we certainly want to feel free and comfortable all day long. So, we constantly search for the right one—a seemingly impossible-to-find mix of support, comfort, and versatility (especially if you have a larger chest). In this endless search, I have learned to lean on the opinions of fellow folks with breasts, knowing that this shared struggle is reason enough for us all to share honest and thorough feedback.

In my role on the commerce team here at Well+Good (I'm the senior commerce manager, hi, hello), I get to see what our readers buy, and year after year, Well+Good readers keep coming back to the Soma Sensuous Sides 3-Inch Minimizer braNot only has this bra been a top-purchased item among our readers for three years running, but it also has racked up over 700 5-star reviews on Soma's site, which is really saying something for a retailer that is not known for reviews such as Am*zon.

Soma minimizer bra
Sensuous Sides 3 Inch Minimizer Bra — $50.00

Originally $50, $40 with email sign up

What sets this bra apart from many other minimizers is its side-smoothing technology. The cups themselves also have a simple unlined design that minimizes bust-line, but this continues to the sides, where there’s a bit of added foam for comfort and to streamline the look and feel under any material you’re wearing. Most reviewers do note to size up a bit when ordering.

Colors: Pale Sand, Warm Amber, Black

If three years of being a top seller here on Well+Good isn’t enough for you, check out these reviews from some really happy customers of all ages.

“Finally found a bra that is comfortable, attractive and minimizes! Straps are comfy and it’s nice not having to adjust and tug at them all the time. Put it on in the morning and don’t think about it again," says Mary (over 70).

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 3 inch minimizing bra! Most minimizer bras I have bought in the past didn’t do as stated. This one does!! It feels so good on that I forget I’m wearing it. My first time buying from Soma but definitely wont be my last,” writes
Lisa (60-70 years of age).

“I bought this bra when a co-worker mentioned how much she liked hers. I was skeptical because for one, all bodies are different and another, what we are hoping for can vary. I was totally wowed when I put this on. My tops fit much better!!! And the comfort lasts all day! I am totally converting to this brand. I have several high end ones but this is my go to from now on," Linzie (50-60 age range) says.

“I can’t believe this genuinely minimized as advertised. The straps are comfy and I am not squished. Amazing lift as well and clothes fit better than ever,” writes Meg (20-30).

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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