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7 Soothing Bath Products To Help You Luxuriate in the Tub

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There's nothing quite like a bath to calm your nerves and soothe your muscles. Especially during the cooler months, sinking into a warm bath feels so special. Stepping beyond bubble bath, there are so many soothing bath products you can use to make your soak even better.

From dried flowers to exfoliating soap bars, you can turn your bathroom into a fragrant oasis and wash away the day's stress. Stacy Chimento, MD, a board-certified dermatologist based in Miami, says that when adding to your bathwater, it's best to steer clear of undiluted essential oils.

“Essential oils should never be mixed with water, as they won’t dilute,” says Dr. Chimento. “While essential oils are rich in antioxidants and antibacterial ingredients beneficial for the skin, most of them include fragrance ingredients that can significantly irritate the skin.” So products that already have the scents mixed in are your best bet.

Also, make sure the water isn't too hot. “Hot water can be abrasive, stripping the skin of its natural oils, which leaves it dehydrated and dull-looking,” says Dr. Chimento.

Below, shop seven soothing bath products to make your next soak the most relaxing one yet.

7 soothing bath products to help you relax

1. Wildcraft Bath Soak, $24.39

Using this gorgeous bath soak is like steeping yourself in a giant mug of tea. Fill the provided cotton muslin bag with half of a cup of this blend of dried rose, lavender, chamomile, calendula, marshmallow root, along with patchouli and lavender essential oils. It softens, calms, and hydrates your skin while relaxing your senses.

2. Sayula Agave Mitt, $9.76

Polish your way to soft skin with this mitt made from the maguey agave. It helps to increase the lather of your body wash, remove dead skin cells, and stimulate circulation.

3. Artifact Skin Co. Artifact Fin Soak Bath Milk, $17.89

I'm not sure that there's anything that sounds more luxurious than bath milk. This powder is a mix of coconut milk, pink clay, and gardenia flowers to gently exfoliate, nourish, and moisturize skin while helping to melt away your stress. Just sprinkle the desired amount into your bath under running water and in two minutes you'll be bathing like a vegan Cleopatra.

4. Meow Meow Tweet Grapefruit Mint Body Soap Bar, $12.19

This refreshing soap bar is perfect to perk you up during a morning bath. It blends the crisp, invigorating scent of grapefruit with sweet peppermint, making it smell amazing. The mint leaves also offer gentle exfoliation.

5. Artifact Skin Co. Mèr-Mèr Monoi Beauty Flower Glowing Dry Body Oil, $29.27

To keep my skin from getting too dry during a bath, I like to add a bit of body oil to the water (I shower beforehand so no worries, I'm not just sitting in my oily filth). This body oil is blended just for dry skin, mixing monoï, kukui, and cherry seed oil to nourish and repairs dry flaky skin with tomato seed oil to keep your skin firm and supple.

6. Woodlot Amour Nourishing Soap Bar, $8.13

This soap bar comprises ethically sourced salts and nourishing clays. It's handmade and traditionally air-cured for six weeks so you're getting the perfect product.

7. Artifact Skin Co. Mèr-Mèr Sea Potion Bath Salts, $16.26

Mixing Himalayan pink salt, sea salt, Epsom salt, and Monoï essence, this salt blend helps to calm your senses, reduce stiffness, and balance your skin’s moisture content.

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