How Beauty Expert Sophia Roe Fills Her Plate for Clear, Glowing Skin

Healthy food chef and beauty expert Sophia Roe has an Instagram peppered with beauty questions ranging from "Who cuts you hair?" to "What's the best sunscreen?" Another that tops the list? "What's on your plate every day?" And considering that she'll be bringing her skin-boosting recipes to the Well+Good Retreat at the Cedar Lakes Estate in just a couple short weeks, we thought it was a pretty good one to tackle here.

After all, as the connection between the gut and the skin becomes more well understood and we learn how ingredients such as dairy could potentially bring about acne, while ones like chia seeds and kale provide vital vitamins and nutrients that skin needs, we know that having a solid diet is completely necessary to have great complexion.

So how does Roe fuel her glowing skin from the inside?

Keep scrolling to hear what Roe fills her plate with every day.

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I'm not the hungriest morning person, but I always fill up my Swell bottle with room temperature water and drink it when I wake up. Sometimes, it's hard to choke it down. I don't want to drink it every morning, but I do because I think it's nice way to kickstart my body before tea or coffee. About an hour later, I'm either a whole grapefruit girl or a smoothie girl in the mornings depending on how hungry I am. I finish my mornings with Earl Grey tea and oat milk, and then go on about my day until lunchtime.

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Lunch is always a salad or some kind of toast with hummus or cucumbers with pickled herbs (I love pickling herbs!). It feels like the middle of the day is a good time for me to have a little bit more carbohydrates if I want to have them because it's either before a workout or right after I've had one. That feels like a nice time for me to have some grains.

Dried mango
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In the middle of the day when I want to have a snack, I can definitely control and do 10 pieces of dried mango. (It's not always easy to not gobble down more, though!) I'm also obsessed with the SunWarrior protein (just the regular old vanilla flavor). You don't need to put it in a smoothie, you just mix it with water and I like the way it tastes a lot. It's also very travel friendly, so I put it in a good travel container and pop it in some water on the go.

Grilled veggies
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A lot of people ask me if I cook every day or if I meal prep, and it depends on the day, but I love cooking. If I have enough time, it's something I really enjoy doing. I admittedly don't have time to do it every day but when I do, I kind of go for it. Right now, I'm doing a lot of grilled broccoli, a lot of grilled veggies. Get yourself a grill pan and throw stuff on there. Summer's the time when produce is in season, and stuff is happening. I was at the farmers' market yesterday and more than likely will be there tomorrow.  I really try to keep myself around food as much as possible because it inspires me to want to go home and cook it, which is a nice hack for people who ask how to not eat out so much. Buy what looks beautiful or ask the farmer what do I do with it if you've never seen it before.

This post was originally published on July 26, 2018; updated on July 31, 2020. 

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