The French-Girl Cleanser That Sophie Turner Swears by for Healthy Skin

Graphic: Well+Good Creative; Photo: Getty Images/Dia Dipasupil Images
Whenever I'm watching my favorite character on Game of ThronesSansa Stark (well, okay, second after Tyrion Lannister), I wonder two things. One: How does she manage to keep her hair such a stunning shade of red? Two: How does she get that immaculate glow? (Especially while living in Winterfell!!)

Luckily for me, I got to meet Stark IRL—AKA the lovely Sophie Turner—to find out just what the Lady of Winterfell's beauty secrets are. First of all, know that the actress was rocking a very icy blonde shade of hair rather than her character's deep red, which was much more Daenerys Targaryen than Stark. "How on earth do you keep your hair healthy when it's always changing colors?" was the first question that came out of my mouth.

"I let it air dry then put on this Wella Invigo Brilliance Spray ($17)," she tells me. "You just spray it on and it leaves your hair really shiny and it looks like it's just been done. I also use the Wella Reflections Hair Oil ($40) and it just makes it really silky and smooth." (Turner admits she's not very good at styling her own hair, which is something I relate to her on.)

As for her healthy complexion? "Honestly, eating healthy is the main thing," she says of how she keeps her skin happy despite lots of travel (and, you know, stress from wielding power over her icy kingdom). "And moisturizing every day and cleansing your skin every day—morning and night. I know some people go to bed with makeup on and it gives me so much anxiety because your pores are just going to absorb it and it'll be terrible!" Preach.

In fact, Turner reveals her go-to cleanser: micellar water. "I use micellar water and it's amazing. It's really cheap and you can get it at the Duane Reade or anywhere—it's really good," she raves. "I spend about 20 minutes getting my makeup off—I'm always very paranoid that I've left some on, it's like a weird thing with me. I have to get it all off, otherwise I feel disgusting." A Stark after my own heart.

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