For My Cross-Country Flights Back Home, I Always Wear These Katie Holmes-Approved Cushioned Sneakers—And They’re 50% Off

Photo: Getty Images/ ANGELA WEISS / Contributor
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I don’t travel cross-country from New York to Los Angeles often, but when I do, there is one thing that makes the walk through TSA and the subsequent six-hour plane ride so much more comfortable. No, it’s not a tote bag with millions of compartments to hold all my knick knacks (although, that does help). Nor is it a handy portable charger to keep my phone battery on 100 percent (though everyone should have one, IMO). Rather, it’s these Sorel Kinetic RNEGD Lace Sneakers (now $55)—and they’re currently 50 percent off.

Sorel, Kinetic RNEGD Lace Sneakers — $55.00

Originally $110, now $55

Sizes available: 5 to 12

Colors: 4

I got a pair after I saw Katie Holmes wearing the same shoes last fall. And while I initially thought that the shoes would simply make a cool fashion statement in my closet, they became my go-to travel sneaker that prevent foot fatigue on my trips back home to the West Coast.

Experts In This Article

The sneakers are built for everyday comfort and support—two things you should always seek out when looking for travel shoes. As board-certified podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine, D.P.M., RPT, PC., previously told W+G, it’s important that shoes are “lightweight with a good sturdy heel, and well-cushioned with arch support to help absorb the natural impact on your feet.” And that’s exactly what you can expect from wearing these kicks for a few hours.

In fact, from the moment you slip them on, your feet feel as though they have been walking on a cloud. But this instant comfort is all by design. Some of it comes from the cushioned collar around the ankle, and the other half comes from the midsole, which is made with a unique algae biomass-containing material called Bloom foam. The mid-foot provides a nice springy effect so that your feet can easily propel forward as you walk (or run), for the times when you need to sprint to your terminal. Another bonus? You also don’t have to worry about a case of sweaty feet, thanks to the mesh upper around the top of the foot. 

Another unique feature about these kicks is their one-inch heel and thick rubber outsole. Though these features make the shoes look a bit wide, they also help provide a lot more stability as you walk and can even help to reduce some of the pressure on your tendons because of the slight elevation.

But what really makes these shoes such a joy for travels is their versatility and all-around comfort. And by that, I mean they're ability to support my feet while standing and sitting. The cushioning also extends to the entire bottom of my foot so that I feel completely supported from the my heel to my toe, so no matter if I'm walking through the airport, or sitting down for hours on a flight, my feet feel rested.

And because they're so comfortable to walk in, they also make a great pair of everyday sneaks too, especially if you are planning to do a lot of walking (which I normally do living in New York City). For example, I've wore them during a two-hour day of exploring Brooklyn followed by a 1.5-hour standing concert. It's really no wonder Holmes loves these shoes so much.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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