Everything You Need to Know About the Soulcycle Movie Starring Busy Philipps and Amy Schumer

Photo: Instagram/@amyschumer
You might want to sit down for this, SoulCycle warriors: Not only is the spin-class–revolutionizing company opening a new studio in New York called SoulAnnex—which has nothing to do with cycling, BTW—but it's also going to be the central focus of an upcoming rom-com.

I Feel Pretty—starring Amy Schumer, Busy Philipps, Michelle Williams, and Emily Ratajkowski, currently still filming, according to Refinery29—follows the story of a woman (Schumer) who believes a SoulCycle class completely transformed her appearance (possibly due to a head injury, per IMDB), making her super confident and fearless, despite anything about her appearance actually changing.

Philipps plays Schumer's onscreen BFF, and Williams plays her boss, The New Yorker reported—and with this #bossbabe cast, the film is a sure bet for at least a few laughs.

"[SoulCycle] parodies help to elevate brand awareness and simply make us laugh."

But how does SoulCycle feel about being parodied for the "magical transformations" (both physical and emotional) people—including Philipps herself—rave about after finishing a sweat sesh in the studio? Basically, the brand's used to it.

In 2015, SoulCycle's SVP of PR and brand strategy, Gabby Etrog Cohen, told Adweek that "parodies help to elevate brand awareness and simply make us laugh." And considering the company only gets bigger and better as time goes on, the extra silver-screen attention will probably work out just fine for it.

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