Yes, It’s Possible To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa Even If You’re on a Budget—Here’s How

Spending more time at home generally means spending more time in your bathroom, literally (whether it's your escape for a bit of quiet, your makeshift WFH office for private calls, or the place you've recently rediscovered the small-but-mighty joy of baths). Consequently, you've gotten more reacquainted with that past-its-prime soap dispenser than you'd prefer.

Yep, it's officially time for an upgrade, and relaxation is the goal. The good news? Infusing some tranquil spa vibes into your space will cost you way less than a day-trip to the (actual) spa, because you can recreate that atmosphere in your own bathroom with just a few key additions.

It's all about using your senses to coax your mind into a more serene state—from calming essential oils to soothing self-care treatments and totally-chill decor, all of which you can snag from Walmart for a steal. Prepare to enter a total relaxation bubble.

Scroll down for the relaxation essentials for creating your very own spa bathroom.

JBL Charge 4 Portable Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $180

Step one for creating your spa bathroom ambience: Setting the mood with tunes. Queue up some instrumental music or nature sounds (you can never go wrong with ocean waves) and let the tracks transport your mind to chill town.

spa bathroom

ScentSationals Himalayan Salt Wax Warmer-Henly, $20

Switch on this Himalayan salt lamp and your whole bathroom will be bathed in a soft pink, spa-approved glow. It also doubles as a wax warmer, so you can pile on the calm with scents of lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint.

Ahava Natural Bath Salt, $20

You may not have a personal masseuse in your home (if only), but dipping into a joint-relaxing and skin-softening bath thanks to these Dead Sea salt crystals is the next best thing for a total-body deep breath.

Better Homes & Garden 2 Piece Cotton Diamond Bath Towel Set, $30

Post-bath (or steamy shower, if you prefer), drying off with a plush towel will basically make you feel like you just checked into a luxe hotel—even on the days you're rushing to get ready for work.

spa bathroom

Martex White Small Terry Bath Robe, $50

What's a spa day without traipsing around in a bathrobe? Slip on this super-soft, all-cotton robe, and you might be tempted to never put on real clothes again (hey, they do say that having a daily uniform is good to combat decision fatigue).

Better Homes & Gardens Terrazzo 2 Piece Bath Accessory Set, $27

You might not have stone countertops in your bathroom, but you can draw inspiration from spa architecture with this terrazzo-style cup and soap dispenser for a similar sleekly cool effect.

spa bathroom

Household Essentials Tall Water Hyacinth Wicker Basket with Handles, $46

Plastic laundry basket doubling as a hamper? Mountain of extra toilet paper? Tangle of hair tools? This earthy wicker basket will hide whatever's currently throwing off your pamper-me mentality.

Unique Loom Striped Williamsburg Vintage Geometric Area Rug or Runner, $80

Outside of the humble bathmat, rugs are a woefully under-utilized bathroom accent. Use this one to instantly change the channel in your space to soft and cozy,  with an extra-durable power-loomed thread (because you're definitely going to be spending even more time in here after this).

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