This OG Spa Brand Is Relaunching All of Its Formulas for Under $25

Photo: Instagram/@blissworld
You've seen the spas (or at least the products) with the teal-blue, all-lowercase, sans-serif font since you were younger. Bliss has been around since the '90s selling its body-care line and offering blissful (coincidence?) services in its spas, which span major urban cities such as Dallas, Miami, and New York.

With the new consumer headspace in mind, Bliss decided to shake things up—which is why the OG spa brand has just relaunched with safer ingredients (a nod to ingredient-savvy shoppers), millennial-minded (AKA Instagram-friendly) packaging, and enticingly lower prices. Like, all the new products are under $25—which is extremely affordable for a spa brand.

All the new products are under $25—which is extremely affordable for a spa brand.

Bliss told me that they turned to their customers to inform their new direction: "She needed Bliss to be easier to find, and most importantly, easier to afford," the brand told me. This will come via a line of 39 products, some of which hit on new trends and others that are cult-classics.

According to Refinery 29, the new products will hit Target and Ulta Beauty stores soon (in addition to Bliss spas themselves)—March 18 and April 1 respectively. And these will all be phthalate, SLS, SLES, paraben, and cruelty-free (whew), and include fun items like whipped moisturizers, a soufflé mask, a jelly cleanser, and body scrubs.

Everything's in pastel shades of yellow, pink, lavender, and the original teal hue, which are sure to look great in #shelfies. With its social media campaign name #NewBlissWhoThis, the brand is sure to appeal to a wider market—with the same original focus on self-care as a priority. Yes, please.

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