Our Editors Tried Spanx’s Best-Selling, Butt-Sculpting Jeggings—Spoiler Alert, We’re Really Impressed

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Chances are, the word "Spanx" conjures up images of sculpting shapewear pieces made to be worn underneath slinky dresses and clingy skirts. But jeans? Unlikely.

Turns out, Spanx does make jeans—really good ones, at that. And just like its iconic shapewear—as well as its array of other lifestyle and activewear pieces—they're made with the brand's sculpting technology that hugs curves and lifts booties in the most comfortable, fashionable way possible.

Technically, Spanx's denim line is comprised of jeggings, not traditional jeans. Its line of best-selling Flare Jeans ($148), Skinny Jeans ($128) and Straight-Leg Jeans ($128) all swap buttons and zippers for an easy, pull-on design that glide on seamlessly, no jumping up and down or fighting with your pants required. Their fit and quality put the jeggings we wore in the earlier 2000s to shame, not a screen-printed pocket or button in sight. Each pair is made from a stretchy cotton blend that feels more like yoga pants than jeans, giving you a second-skin look without cutting off your circulation. Bonus: They come complete with real pockets and belt loops.

Comfortable jeans that feel like leggings, are flattering, don't lose their shape overtime, and fit a wide variety of body types? Seems like a tall order, eh? Well, we consider that order fulfilled. Four different Well+Good editors tried on the brand's best-selling, butt-sculpting flare jeans. Here's their honest opinions. (Hint: They live up to the hype.)

Our honest reviews of Spanx's best-selling jeans

Kara Jillian Brown, Beauty Writer

Flare Jeans, Clean Black — $148.00

Size tested: Large, regular inseam.

“Putting on these Spanx jeans made me chuckle. There’s no zipper or button, giving them strong jegging vibes, but they’re soooo much better than the jeggings of yore. They have a nice denim feeling and actually look like jeans. They’re form-fitting but not too tight, allowing me to sit comfortably. In typical Spanx fashion, they help smooth out my tummy which I love. I’m 5’4″ and they’re a bit long on me, so I plan to wear them with heels. The flare is perfect and I’m so excited to pair these with tons of boots this winter.”

Available sizes: XS-3XL in regular, petite, and tall inseams.

Gina Vaynshteyn, Senior Commerce Editor

Flare Jeans, Midnight Shade — $148.00

Size tested: Medium, regular inseam.

“It’s hard to convince myself I need to put on actual pants (like, denim), so they gotta be good if I’m even going to consider taking off my leggings. Luckily, these are so perfect, so comfortable, and so easy to put on and take off—you won’t even miss your yoga pants. At least, I don’t.

Right now, I’m super into flared jeans, which I’ve been pairing with boots and sneakers (in the summer I wear them with my Birks). The flares on these are not too dramatic, and the length is ideal for my height (I’m 5’8″). I’m normally a 28-29 and the Mediums fit stunningly. The fabric has a ton of stretch, which I appreciate as a wide-hipped lady. Plus? No zipper. You just pull them on. And there was no tug-of-war happening with my body and the material—they just go on (which is kind of a miracle in the denim world?). They give me a fab silhouette, offer my booty a nice lift, and accentuate my waist. I don’t think I need to buy another pair of flare again—seriously.”

Available sizes: XS-3XL in regular, petite, and tall inseams.

Alexa Casanova, Commerce Writer

Flare Jeans, Vintage Indigo — $148.00

Size tested: Large, petite inseam.

“The tricky part about finding jeans for me is that the ones that fit my hips often leave that dreaded gap at my waist—and the fit usually goes away after only a few wears. These Spanx flares didn’t have that problem! The fit is snug, comfortable, and consistent throughout the waist, hip, and thigh and the stretchy denim hugs my body without making me feel constricted. Despite being pull-on, they still have that durable feel you expect denim to have, and they look way more legit than any of the ‘jeggings’ I’ve seen out there—you’d never know they were pull-on jeans.

One thing to note, I’m 5’6” and usually opt for a regular inseam, but the regular flares ran long on me so I got a petite instead. The petites are still a touch long but I can definitely make them work with a chunky heeled boot or platform sandals. For me, they’re totally worth getting hemmed because the fit everywhere else is so great!”

Available sizes: XS-3XL in regular, petite, and tall inseams.

Francesca Krempa, Associate Commerce Editor

Flare Jeans, Clean Black — $148.00

Size tested: Small, tall inseam.

“These jeans make me feel powerful, like I should be giving a TED Talk or strutting a runway or something. They fit like a glove and feel like they were custom made for my body, hugging me in all the right places without feeling restrictive or uncomfortable. I love that they hit about mid-waist—other jeggings I’ve tried typically fall down, but these don’t feel like they’re going anywhere. And they give me a butt! They actually lift and sculpt the little tush I do have, making me feel juicier and sexier. Maybe that’s why I feel so powerful…

Just note that the Tall inseam is long! I’m 5’9″ and unless I’m wearing heeled boots or platforms, the hems drag on the floor. So if you’re around my height and want a pair, go with the Regular length.”

Available sizes: XS-3XL in regular, petite, and tall inseams.

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