7 Spin Bike Accessories To Get the Most Out of Your Rides

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We're at that point in the pandemic wherein many of us have reenvisioned our homes as spin studios. Maybe you bought a foldable spin bike. Maybe you bought a Peloton. Maybe you bought something in between. Whatever bike is now parked in the middle of your living room, know this: You can customize it to be exactly what you need it to be with water bottle holders, tablet stands, and (repeat after me) fans to keep you cool as you pedal in place.

Or hey, maybe you're sick of your work from couch situation and instead want to turn your spin bike into your new home office. Kudos! With one of these add-ons, you can truly transport yourself right out of your living room and just about anywhere you want to be...including the office...or somewhere a fan is necessary deep into the middle of winter. Keep scrolling and add one of these seven spin bike accessories to your cart (and then maybe revisit this page once you've snagged your tablet stand and rethink that fan).

7 spin bike accessories

1. Rechargeable Battery Powered Clip Fan with Flexible Tripod, $30

Rechargeable Battery Powered Clip Fan with Flexible Tripod, spin bike accessories

When you're working up a sweat, any bit of air feels amazing. While this fan won't feel nearly as strong as the industrial fans in studios, it's nice that it's small enough to fit on your bike, not taking up any more precious floor space. (Again, it's winter.) Just charge it and it's ready to go.

Shop now: Rechargeable Battery Powered Clip Fan with Flexible Tripod, $30

2. Nike SuperRep Cycle, $120

Nike SuperRep Cycle

Even if your bike doesn't come with clips to allow a shoe to clip to the peddles, you can still benefit from a pair of cycling sneakers. This pair from Nike is breathable and the velcro straps hold your foot steady, which gives you the stability that's super helpful when you're on the bike.

Shop now: Nike SuperRep Cycle, $120

3. Heavy Duty Tablet Clamp Mount, $27

Heavy Duty Tablet Clamp Mount, spin bike accessories

Turn a basic spin-bike into a full at-home workout experience with this tablet mount. Stream a cycling class or watch your favorite show while peddling away. It clamps to your handlebars, holding your tablet in place as you workout.

Shop now: Heavy Duty Tablet Clamp Mount, $27

4. Domain Cycling Exercise Bike Water Bottle Holder, $17

Domain Cycling Exercise Bike Water Bottle Holder

Stay hydrated by keeping your reusable water bottle nearby with this bottle holder clip. Just screw it to your handlebars and within seconds your bike will have a cup holder.

Shop now: Domain Cycling Exercise Bike Water Bottle Holder, $17

5. Wahoo KICKR Training Desk, $250

Wahoo KICKR Training Desk, spin bike accessories

Multitask with this desk that fits around your spin bike. This means you can use your normal exercise bike instead of getting a bike-desk combo, which usually isn't powerful enough for a full workout. Bonus: You can roll it away from your desk to use as a standing desk.

Shop now: Wahoo KICKR Training Desk, $250

6. Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover, $23

Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover

Sometimes sitting on a bike seat leaves your butt sorer than the muscles that worked way hard to get you through a spinning workout. This gel seat cover will help alleviate some of that discomfort. An adjustable drawstring secures it to your seat, providing a cushier ride.

7. Bike Phone Mount, $17

Bike Phone Mount, spin bike accessories

Whether you want to stream a class or take a call, this phone mount will securely attach your phone to your bike. The sidebars are adjustable to make it work for the size of your phone. You can also adjust the angle it holds your phone at, allowing you to get the perfect perspective.

Cycling can be hard on your hip flexors. Try this hip-opening flow:


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