I Tried Nike’s 6-Pocket Sports Bra, and It’s the Best Thing Since Avocado Toast

All Images: Nike; All Graphics: Well+Good Creative
My athleticwear drawer can be broken down into three categories: the beloved items I wear the second they get out of the dryer, the second string sports bras and shorts I kinda like, and the "I really need to do my laundry"-sportswear that's riddled with holes from too much mileage. After a few runs of testing one of Nike's "Women's Pocket Medium Support" bra, I've determined that the creation of a fourth category is in order, because—listen—I love this $50 buy so much, I can't stand to let it out of my sight.

The six pockets in this sports bra make it pure, sweat-proof magic. Gone are the days when you need to strap a running band to your arm or shove your keys, phone, and wallet into the sweaty crevice between your boobs. Now, like a mutant kangaroo (but, like, a cute one), you have a place to store all. the. things.

sports bra for running

In case I haven't harped enough on the mystical quality of this bra, consider this: I've owned it for three whole weeks now and still haven't discovered the very last pocket. The entire waste band of the bra is one, there are three mesh options—on the left, right, and back—and one more in the rear. Perhaps the sixth pocket is like the room of requirement of pockets, and it only shows up when you really, really need it. But regardless, I've still had way too much fun filling my newfound torso storage space with trail snacks, gum, my iPhone charger, sunscreen sticks, and anything else small enough to come on my workout with me.

On this morning's five miles, I went back to basics. I cranked my playlist, and slipped my AirPod case, phone, and keys into my bra. Everything was seamless: there was no poking here, no prodding there. Without the arm band I usually rely on, my gait felt so much more free. I pumped my arms to go faster, and didn't need to worry about my keys falling out and being lost forever and ever in Central Park.

As fitness enthusiasts know, the littlest tweak can sometimes transform a workout from good to great. And for me, a simple arms-free upgrade did the trick.

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