9 Swimsuit Tops You Can Totally Wear As Sports Bras

Photo: Stocksy/Julia Campbell | Graphics: Well+Good Creative
Summer weekends are practically designed for a million wardrobe changes. After all, your picturesque, oceanside jogs, long afternoons of hammock reading, and endless parade of outdoor parties all require different ensembles—right? Needless to say, when you find versatile items that actually elevate your sun-kissed look without expanding your laundry pile, it's a total summer-style win.

Luckily, many of this season's swimsuit looks are sports bra-inspired, repping crop top-esque shapes with underwire, adjustable straps, and fast-drying material, says Sabra Krock, creative director and co-owner of the chic swim boutiques Everything But Water.

Give your athletic drawer a dual-purpose makeover by choosing swimsuits that moonlight as sports bras.

So besides thinning out your closet by investing in a few chic cover-ups that double as sundresses, you can also give your athletic drawer a dual-purpose makeover by choosing swimsuits that moonlight as sports bras. "Function" being the key term—since, according to Stacee Dorning, division merchandising manager at Athleta—that's the number one thing to look for when you want your 'suits to work overtime.

"We see that more and more people are looking for crossover," shares Dorning, who says chlorine and seawater-safe fabric options are taking up *major* rack real estate in this season's swimwear line. Before, *ahem*, diving head first into this trend though, Dorning advises choosing your style based on your sweat preferences: "When looking for support, make sure it mirrors the activity you’d want to do post swim. For example, medium support for running and/or training, and low support for hot yoga or Pilates."

And Krock adds that "whatever style you choose, ensure that the suit fits your particular shape," Krock says. "You shouldn't have spillage on the sides, underarms, or excessive cleavage in the middle if your suit has the depth and coverage to support you." Start your search by checking out the 9 swim tops you can easily wear to your next sweat sesh below.

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