Spotify’s Apple Watch App Is Here, but There’s a Hitch for Runners

Photo: Getty Images/Anchiy
Despite the Apple Watch's ever-evolving smart technology (it can track your heart health and help diagnose thyroid issues), runners have long lamented the absence of one simple, much-desired feature: Spotify compatibility. And while today Apple (finally!) released the music-streaming app for the Apple Watch, you still won't be able to stream your go-to playlist offline without bringing your phone along for the mileage, too.

Rather than allowing you to run hands-free into the sunset with just your bluetooth headset and your watch, the Spotify app really just acts as a smaller remote for controlling what's playing on your phone or speakers while you're online, reports Tech Crunch. Still good for directing your cooking playlist while you're prepping for Thanksgiving dinner, but you can't (yet, at least) can't download Drake's latest album then leave your phone at home to stream it on-the-go.

The good news? Spotify has confirmed that future updates will let you jam out anywhere (WiFi or no WiFi). So there will be a day when the wearable wipes out the need to bring your phone along at all. Until then though, the new feature could make your at-home workout habit that teensiest easier. Because hey, if you decide you hate a song mid-burpee, you could theoretically hit the skip button on your wrist mid-jump.

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