The Busy Woman’s Spring Cleaning Guide for a Total Home Refresh

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On a list of favorite ways to welcome spring, deep cleaning your pad comes way after scooping up new plants, planning a summer vacay, and sipping on iced matcha daily.

To help you get to all of that sooner, cleaning pros Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd—the founders of The Laundress, a company that’s upgrading the fabric-care and home-cleaning space with non-toxic, eco-friendly, and allergen-free formulas—have expert advice for tidying up your crib.

First up, do a once-over. “It’s always best to declutter and purge your home first of old or unwanted clothes, toys, and collected clutter,” Boyd says. “This will help you to organize right away and get each space ready for a deep cleaning.”

When you're ready to scrub, prep a bucket with everything you’ll need. “This way, you can easily transport home-cleaning essentials around your home when tackling tasks,” Boyd says. Oh, and grab a lint-free cloth to cut down on paper towels (you can wash and use them over and over again for a no-lint finish). 

Scroll down for three pointers to make spring cleaning crazy easy—and the full shopping guide for an instant home refresh.

the laundress surface cleaner

1. Use multi-tasking products

The cleaning gurus recommend opting for multipurpose products to tackle the job, like The Laundress Surface Cleaner.  It's obvious why: The non-toxic formula is safe to use on pretty much every surface, and taps plant-derived grease-cutters and essential oils (like bergamot and eucalyptus) for a workhorse formula you can count on going room to room, which is the experts' preferred technique.

“You’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment with each completed room and can even shut the door for that physical check mark off the spring cleaning list,” Whiting says.

PS: If you're making the switch from standard cleaning aids to eco-friendly ones, The Laundress Kitchen Starter Kit comes with everything you need, like All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate (just as skilled at spiffing up tiles as wood floors).

the laundress scented vinegar

2. Got five minutes? Go for scent

Oftentimes, it's that stuffy-room smell that feels like a clutter dead giveaway—which is why upgrading the aromas in your space is an instant quick fix. To counteract that, Whiting advises to crack the windows and “set out a bowl of Scented Vinegar in the room to help neutralize odors and musty air." The vinegar deodorizes without leaving a strong scent, basically setting your room to fragrance ground zero.

From there, use the Home Spray, which has natural antibacterial properties, on carpets, drapes, and plush spots where pets sleep. (Pro tip: Spritz bed linens in between washes to freshen and add scent.) Really in a pinch? A bouquet of flowers or a new plant are like a caffeine jolt for any room.

the laundress signature detergent

3. Maximize your time

While you clean, take a minute to get laundry started. The Laundress Everyday Laundry Kit is an all-in-one fix to get you through dirty threads and prep your winter wardrobe for storage. The kit's Stain Solution is a must-have for removing any spots before packing away.

“Always wash items before long-term storage to prevent mystery stains from surfacing, and always store items in cotton bags with zip closures to eliminate yellowing, mold, and mildew and fend off bugs and critters," Boyd says. (Cotton is moth-proof so you can skip preventive measures like moth balls.)

Lastly, don't get overwhelmed—tiny steps go a long way. Squeeze in mini projects like a quick sweep, kitchen wipe down, or swift organization of a room into a spare ten minutes. Fluff pillows,  fold blankets, and stash shoes and mail out of sight as you go. Before you know it, you'll be in full sanctuary mode.

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Top photo: Courtesy of The Laundress

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