5 Essentials a Cleaning Expert Recommends To Take Spring Cleaning Beyond Decluttering

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The birds are chirping, the air smells fresher, and you’re ready to shed your winter-induced hibernation state (you know the feeling). It’s *finally* springtime again, and the warmer weather has a way of ushering in a must-get-cleaning mindset.

It’s called spring cleaning for a reason. Take it from Jacqui Knapp, professional organizer and CEO of Knapp House: “Spring is about starting a new, inspiring, healthier lifestyle with longer days, new blooms, and weather warming up," she says. "It’s an exciting season to refresh and reemerge by clearing out hidden bacteria, allergens, [and] stagnant energy; and a great opportunity to reassess and let go of the items weighing us down."

If your usual spring-cleaning routine consists of decluttering (think: getting rid of old clothes, shoes, and furniture you don't use), that’s a great start. This year, though, consider going a step further and deep cleaning your house. According to Knapp, a clean environment can really shift the energy in your home. (You know when you just feel lighter after a serious cleaning session? Like that.)

Her checklist for a full-blown spotless home? “Clean those floors; wipe down those counters, shelves, [and] cabinets; get behind the furniture; get under the bed. Vacuum the closet, shake out long-term clothing. Dust off the shoes, and discard old papers and magazines collecting dust,” she says.

It can feel like a big undertaking to get into every nook and cranny, no doubt. That’s why Knapp is sharing some seriously helpful spring-cleaning tips—plus the essentials you’ll need to get started, all of which you can snag on QVC—to make the whole process feel like a summer-is-coming breeze.

Shop Spring Cleaning Must-Haves

Don Aslett's Ultimate Cleaning Combo Kit — $42.00

Start with the basics: This kit—which includes a four-foot pole, microfiber and multipurpose cloths, a grout brush, a triangle base and pad, bristle brush, mop base, and a three-gallon collapsible bucket—“is a sure way to get excited about cleaning,” Knapp says. “The interchangeable heads are so easy to navigate [and] the collapsible bucket is genius.” Plus, the kit is a great space-saver for smaller homes or tight closets. Once it arrives, take a page out of Knapp’s book and use the mop base for more than your floor—try it on your windows and glass sliding doors, too.

Shark Cordless Pro Stick Vacuum w/ Clean SenseIQ & PowerFins Plus — $400.00

If you’re going to deep clean your house, you’ll need a reliable vacuum—and Knapp loves this one. “What’s so great about the Shark cordless vacuum is its versatility,” she says. “[It is] lightweight without compromising on power, with well-designed attachments to cover multiple spaces.” She loves the Clean Sense IQ technology, which ensures she doesn’t miss any dust, even in those hard-to-reach places like baseboards and crown moldings. Her expert tip? You can also use your Shark (and its attachments) to vacuum the car.

Scrub Daddy Sponge Daddy Kitchen Cleaning 10 Piece Set — $31.00

Level up your kitchen cleaning routine with this set of eight dual-sided sponges, a genius soap dispenser, and a convenient sponge caddy. For hard-to-clean dishes, run the sponge under cold water and it will remain firm (read: best for heavy-duty scrubbing). For a gentler clean, soaking the sponge in warm water will leave it soft and malleable. Beyond dishes, Knapp recommends using these scrubbers to tackle the pesky grease build-up on your oven or grill-top. And if you have a cleaning enthusiast in your life? This set makes a great gift, she says.

Bissell Steam Shot Handheld Steam Cleaner — $49.00

A hand steamer may not be the first tool that comes to mind when you think of cleaning, but Knapp swears by this chemical-free way to help disinfect. “The Bissell Steam Shot is easy to use with a wide range of attachments.” Pet accidents, stained furniture, and well-loved toys are just a few of the household inevitables it can help disinfect, she says—and it’s *so* satisfying to watch it steam clean your bathroom, from build-up in the grout and corners of your showers to water stains on your mirrors and windows.

Bionaire 360 Degree Air Purifier with 3-Stage Filtration — $77.00

To filter out pollen, dust, and other airborne annoyances, Knapp recommends a high-quality air purifier like the Bionaire 360. “I cannot stress enough how important it is to have clean, breathable air,” she says. Bonus: “It’s stylish and blends in quite nicely.” For optimal results, place the filter in an open area so your freshest air isn’t confined. Then kick your feet up as you bask in your tidied space, and breathe in as deeply as you just cleaned.

Note: Prices taken at the time of publication and are subject to change.

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