Rock-Star Energy: the 4-Step Equinox Ritual to Help You Spring Forward in Life

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There is nothing more important in spirituality and healing work than honestly facing yourself, embodying your unique gifts and high vibrations, and not spiritually bypassing anything. With monthly Rock-Star Energy forecasts, “Rock-Star Shaman” Alyson Charles represents those elements by communicating the wisdoms of both Earth (rock) and sky (star).

Focusing on these Rock-Star elements for monthly energy forecasts assures that throughout our respective spiritual journey, we are grounding, rooting, and working on our lower chakras and our earthly, human tasks and behaviors. At the same time, we are also expanding, rising, working with the upper chakras, and connecting to the cosmos and stars to collaborate with the divine energy of the universe. 

Welcome to March, a month that can feel simultaneously thrilling, with the start of spring, and painful, as we navigate the time of change. What's key for thriving this month is maintaining a strong sense of perspective and trust. Below, learn techniques for channeling the earthly energy of the “Rock” and also the ambitious growth energy of the “Star” that will help you make room in your life for what's true to you.


We have spent the beginning of the decade working on ourselves, and for the last couple of months, we’ve been getting clearer than ever about what we want to come to fruition. March will be a pivotal time for moving us toward our goals in profound ways. But, one issue you may encounter is the need to cut ties with whatever in your life is preventing growth.

During March, the sun’s energy will reach what’s been underground, wanting to sprout. This is a time of trust because we can’t see exactly what’s happening yet, but we know it’s about to happen.

It’s time to finally let go of what we know must be released in order for our soul to fully thrive. We have been growing and anchoring deeper than ever before, making all aspects of our being a readied container to properly house our grandest life. During March, the sun’s energy will reach what’s been underground, wanting to sprout. This is a time of trust because we can’t see exactly what’s happening yet, but we know it’s about to happen.


When it comes to the cosmic divinations of this month, we’ll tune into the spring equinox energies on March 19. Just like the sprout in the Rock component, now is also a Star time of rising into new light. An activated energy system is springing forward with the daylight saving time change on March 8, and we are feeling our new wings officially taking flight.

And even if you experience some feelings of anxiety about releasing what's not serving you, remember, it's to make room for what’s true so that previously planted seeds have space to expand and pop through the surface into reality. A key to enjoying these energies is strengthening your joyful anticipation with the unknown.

2 Rock-Star techniques for making room for what’s true

1. Find joy in the void

Visualize yourself floating in a massive, pitch-black, dark abyss. At first, you may try to reach around to understand where the walls or floor are, or what is nearby to grab onto. You quickly realize however, that it’s about trusting the space of “nothingness”—the times in our lives where big shifts are happening, but we can’t see the end result yet.

Continue with this visualization technique, and allow yourself to enter into the abyss that represents the areas of your life that are changing. Name those areas and see an orb of golden yellow light surround each word. This light activates a protective blessing around each word and situation and places energies of trust and joy in the process and authentic power alignment within it. Then, with each word or situation, say this affirmation: “This life scenario of _______ is now fully blessed by divine energies, and I walk forward excited because I know this is all in highest divine alignment. It’s my time to shine and arrive.”

2. Do a Spring equinox ritual

In honor of the spring equinox on March 19, we do a ritual that puts us in sync with the miraculous power of nature. Those of us in the northern hemisphere move to more light, and it is the light that draws our seed or goal through the surface and into reality. So we will honor this activation in four steps:

  1. Light a candle in the morning honoring the sun, the element of fire, daylight, and the illumination of the cosmos and stars.
  2. With your journal and pen next to you, find a meditative state through breath work and ask, “my illuminated heart, what are the three main things you are calling in for my life?” Write in your journal the first three answers that enter your mind and then, place that piece of paper by the candle.
  3. Every morning during the month of March, light your candle and see all three of these things already alive, happening with all the ideal emotions and essences you’d like for them to present.
  4. Lastly, see all aspects of these main visions being blessed and illuminated by divine light, and complete the spring equinox ritual with a daily meditation practice saying “and so it is.”

March is an expansive month, so any people, energies, and habits that don't facilitate your true expansion will be revealed. Even if the dislodging and revealing of misaligned energies and people brings temporary challenge, remember that these moments are actually unexpected conduits for joy as truths. They will automatically guide you to your higher and truer path, and your soul’s grandest light and mission. Think about how the seed must feel as it tries to push through that last layer of Earth before finally popping out, breathing new life, and seeing the sun. Stay optimistic and trust, trust, trust as you undergo a spring-energy birthing process of your own.

Alyson Charles, aka Rock-Star Shaman, channels ancient, sacred knowledge and divine energy through her work as a wellness guide to celebrities and CEOs. Charles merges her work as a conscious lifestyle expert, shaman, and international TV host with the world of media to share the most transformational products, practices, and tips to teach people how to awaken their power. 

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