If You’re Tired of Your Home Feeling Like a Winter Cocoon, Here’s How to Bring Spring Vibes Inside

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Take a peek through your window. Now, take a look around your home. Do the flowers, fresh air, and general spring vibes outside match your indoor setup?

If the answer is no and your space is still full of peppermint candles, cozy blankets, and winter-y mugs while the outdoors is blooming with bright flowers and fresh air, it’s time to invite some of those spring vibes indoors. (Who else feels like they're in a rom-com the second they smell fresh-cut grass in the sunshine?)

That doesn’t mean you need to load up on flower bouquets, though. There are plenty of small-yet-creative ways to introduce the season’s feel-good mood into your home that don’t involve eight dozen tulips.

Something besides florals for spring? Now that's actually groundbreaking.

For one, Caldrea® Linen and Room Sprays and other homekeeping products can subtly fill your home with unique, fresh-smelling scents that stretch way beyond your typical florals. (Something besides florals for spring? Now that's actually groundbreaking.)

To start gathering more inspo, use your morning or afternoon walks to embrace nature (and all the internal smiles that come with letting fresh air into your life), then go ahead and scroll down for additional tips you can use to liven up your living room, bedroom, or whichever room needs a seasonal pick-me-up.

Keep reading for 3 ways you can spread the feel-good spring vibes around your own home.

Switch up your scents

During the colder months, you lean on warm, calming scents to act as a blanket of coziness over your space. But this time of year, swap the cinnamon and pumpkin for fresh, crisp smells. Caldrea's candles, soaps, and more evoke spring vibes through essential oils and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients.

Ranging from Basil Blue Sage to Lavender Cedar Leaf and Rosewater Driftwood, there's no shortage of scents for you to choose from. Plus, not a single one falls under the basic spring floral category. (You're much too sophisticated for that now.)

Get artsy

Art can be intimidating, especially when you're trying to find the perfect piece to place on the wall in your bedroom. But, to initiate a fun DIY project while also adding some life to your bedroom, try creating your own masterpiece—with a splash of your spring color of choice.

Take your favorite memory, a pretty photo, or perhaps something you saw on your recent spring-weather walk, and try recreating it through canvas and paint. Not an artist? There’s pretty much a tutorial for any type of art on the internet, and remember: This is living in your bedroom, so abstract can mean whatever you want it to mean.

Give your pillows a pop

You'd be shocked at how much small accent pieces contribute to the aesthetic of a room. (Don't believe us? Try taking them all out and see how much the vibe of the space changes.)

To subtly but effectively add a few touches of spring, replace any muted throw pillows with bright-colored ones. If you want to go even further, choose a color that matches your signature scent.

For example, if you opt for the Caldrea® Tangelo Palm Frond Linen and Room Spray in your living room, add some tangelo-hued (that’s orange, in case you don’t know your citrus) pillows to your couch. There's no denying it: Spring has officially sprung—indoors.

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