#StanSmithForever: After 45 Years, Adidas and Stan Smith Are Making It Official

Photo: Unsplash/Sonnie Hiles
Adidas Originals and Stan Smith are the Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw of sneakers, which is to say, it took them way too long to discover that they belonged together foreva eva, foreva eva.

But today, after *45 years,* they announced that they've decided to make a lifelong commitment to one another, in the form of a signed partnership. I'm sure Charlotte York Goldenblatt would be elated by the news and want to stand up and announce it to a crowded restaurant if she could. (RIP Sex and the City 3.) Since she can't, however, I'm doing it for her.

That's right, footwear fairytale endings do exist.

Of their eternal union, Torben Schumacher, general manager of Adidas Originals and Style, told WWD, "The sneaker has been an integral part of the Originals history and will continue to have a lasting impact in the years to come." It's not the most romantic statement, but it'll do.

Plus, to show how serious it is about its relationship with Smith (the man), Adidas is releasing a new version (that, to be honest, looks like every other version) of the iconic low-top he designed in 1965 and they first released in 1973. And just like every expression of love in the time of social media, it's got its own hashtag. The #StanSmithForever drops December 8.

If you want to make your own pair of Stan Smiths last forever, buy some baking soda and try these DIY tips for cleaning white sneakers.

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