This Standing Workout Sets Your Core Ablaze in Less Than 10 Minutes

Most ab workouts are done lying down on a mat, but in the latest episode of Good Moves, you'll target every muscle in your core in under 10 minutes while staying on your feet. And there are some benefits to adding an occasional standing core workout into your routine: "We're working the core how we tend to live our actual life—more upright," says Brian Spencer, an instructor at East River Pilates.

During this standing core workout, Spencer uses a weight to make the exercises even more challenging. "Feel free to use a weight if you want to give your core that extra little moment," he says. He has a 2-pound toning ball ($20), but you can use a dumbbell or anything else you have on hand. If you don't have any weights or would rather try the workout without first, no worries—he says you'll still reap the core-strengthening benefits without.

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The exercises in this workout might not seem hard at first, as you're standing the entire time and doing small movements. But don't be fooled: The more reps you do, the more you're going to feel your core muscles really light up. Take the side bends, for instance. Or, when you're holding the weight straight out in front of your body and twisting your body back and forth. You might not feel anything right away, but it doesn't take long for your core to feel like it's on fire.

It's always good to switch things up when you're doing core workouts to work your muscles in a totally new way, and this is the perfect way to do just that. Just be warned: When you wake up tomorrow, there's a 100 percent chance your obliques will be a new level of sore.

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